Monday, August 06, 2007

let's eat: elbert's steak room

ever since this place "soft opened," we've been wanting to keep it as our little "best-kept secret" before it becomes a hot spot (as most new places become—at least in the beginning). but since the bag hag has written about it, we might as well "share" our discovery too. elbert's steak room (room, not house, kasi maliit lang), which opened about two weeks ago, is actually not yet completely finished—it only has three tables! but they already accept reservations. the cozy restaurant, located at one of the original buildings in salcedo village, is one of those little out-of-the-way places where nobody goes—or so you hope. we took our parents to dinner there last week, and their only complaint: "you didn't tell us there was no elevator!" sus, third floor lang naman... the owner elbert cuenca is most popularly known as the "mac guy" (he tutors people—from "desperate housewives" to CEOs—how to use their mac and make the most of it), but is a restaurateur at heart. he was involved in his family's restaurants zen and furusato, put up the now-defunct restaurant 12 several years ago (we miss that place!), and now, this elegant steak place. for the price of a rib eye, filet mignon, or new york strip (mind you, they don't come cheap), you get salad, soup, and your choice of sauces (we like the cilantro-based chimichurri, the tomato-y choron, and the classic peppercorn). plus side dishes if you want them (love the stringy pomme frites). the hearty tomato soup is our fave. we consider ourselves a "lady" steak eater (i.e., we like our steak small, well-done, and on someone else's plate), but we recommend the rib eye done medium rare (so soft and fatty!). and be sure to make space for dessert! get the sampler! the chocolate mousse is to die for and that flan is moist, fresh, and has just a hint of citrus in it. (thanks to mrs. T for the food shots!) elbert's steak room, 3/f sagittarius bldg. III, 111 HV de la costa st., salcedo village, makati city, tel 339-3363,

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