Thursday, August 30, 2007

tue-wed-thu shopping report

no wonder we're in a rut. we just realized that we hadn't been to a mall in weeks! we were experiencing withdrawals and didn't even know it. attending events in a mall don't count because you're in and out like flint (or is it flynn?). we're talking about slow window shopping, entering shops, browsing through racks and shelves, examining (and trying on) merchandise, and hopefully scoring. this week, we didn't score, but look at what we discovered:

1. michael kors at power plant mall. we've seen this boarded-up shop near the fountain area for a couple months now. as you can see it's owned by store specialists, inc., which also distributes prada, gucci, salvatore ferragamo, other luxury labels, and of course their cash cow zara here in the philippines. we heard that this is actually the bridge line michael michael kors, but we can't be sure. we'll, er, ask anton huang one of these days.

2. marc jacobs at greenbelt 4. and right across louis vuitton! now is this cashing in on the LV-MJ connection? or is this like a young punk thumbing his nose at old granny? questions, questions, and more questions: is this the first line or the bridge line? (although if you turn to page 72 of the 840-page september 2007 issue of US vogue, you'll see manila among the list of cities in the marc jacobs ad.) will they be selling ready-to-wear or just accessories? will marc jacobs come for the opening?? we'll, er, ask anton huang one of these days.

3. and while we're on the topic of store specialists, if you think that's pretty aggressive, they're also bringing in the mother lode of retail: gap. apparently they already have a space in trinoma. in quezon city?? you mean, we'll have to drive all the way there just to get our basic black trousers and classic white shirts?? but! we also heard that they're putting up their own building on one of the corners of bonifacio high street (think fully booked). we'll, er, ask anton huang one of these days.

4. more store openings! ben chan has been pretty aggressive himself bringing in imported shoe labels, first with charles & keith, then pedro (both are singapore brands), and now he's bringing in affordable italian-made canadian label aldo. mall rats have reported aldo sightings at several malls, like power plant, bonifacio high street, and trinoma, but we're not sure. we'll, er, ask ben chan one of these days.

5. but what's this? stores closing too? atelier M, which is owned by ricco and tina ocampo, in greenbelt 3 was dark, empty, and papered up. and there was no sign outside to indicate if they were renovating or doing inventory or if a new store was taking over. a lady with her little son in tow stopped by, disappointed, saying, "ay, that's the store i wanted to go to, it's closed na..." why kaya? we'll, er, ask ricco and tina one of these days.


details_later said...

It's "in like Flynn." (From Errol, probably)

Of course, I bother you with these things.

But that's why I'm here?

the fash pack said...

excuse us but there was a movie back in the 60s (or was it the 70s) titled "in like flint" starring james coburn. para shang james bond-ish. ay thunders showing our age!

David said...

If I'm not mistaken, I think Aldo is Canadian-based.

Anonymous said...

gap (and banana rep & pepperlime ,not the other sister brands) is losing a lot of money in the US thats why theyre expanding internationally specifically the asian market.

the fash pack said...

hey david you're absolutely right. what we meant to say was italian-made. we shall correct it.

karlB said...

teen vogue on the other hand, had a marc by marc jacobs ad with manila among their locations listed. it's kinda confusing. hopefully, they'll end up bringing in both.

Anonymous said...

aldo shoes hurt:-( hopefully now theyll start having more not-ganda tiis shoes!!!