Friday, August 10, 2007

we like art too

a couple nights ago we dropped by the rockwell tent to attend the ateneo art awards. we signed up at the reception table, grabbed a glass of wine, beso-besoed the room, and checked out the works on display... and only one really caught our eye. not that we consider ourselves art "cono-sewers", but it was the only one that *really* appealed to our so-called aesthetic: the work of MM yu. not for any special reason other than that we liked it and wouldn't mind having a couple of them (are you supposed to buy and display the entire thing as is?). because it reminded us of our own blank books filled with stuff: collages, clippings, cutouts + doodles, scribbles, pix, and junk no one else will appreciate or understand. here was "art" after our own heart. and whaddayaknow, it won. congratulations! maybe we should exhibit some of our own blank books, which we've filled with stuff. (as if!!!)

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Fifi said...

Hey, a Fash Pack fashion booklet for the year would be cool ;)