Tuesday, September 04, 2007

eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we shall die[t]

people who know us think we're thin. the truth is, we USED to be thin. we were a thin baby. we were a thin child. then we hit puberty. bam! here come the hips. the thighs. the flabby arms. the puson. we were waiting for the boobs to follow suit. unfortunately, they never did :-( some people have the type of body that look better naked. or at least in a bikini. we have the type of body that looks better in clothes. hell, yeah! the better to hide the flaws with! so we camouflage the "bill blass" and the UADD and the saddle bags and the dreaded orange peel. eww! so we diet. or at least try to. we're terrible dieters. we think it's because we have thin clothes and fat clothes. the thin clothes we wear when we've lost some weight and the waistlines don't pinch. the fat clothes we wear when we're feeling fat. but mind you, they don't make us look fat. in fact, they make us look thin that people compliment us, we end up thinking we ARE thin. so we start eating again. then we get fat and the whole cycle begins again. so why not use "technology" to keep the weight off problem spots permanently? because we're not THAT vain? because we're happy with what god gave us? (?) because we're, er, chicken? because we don't like paaaiiiinnn... and we can't understand why people voluntarily go under the knife or have themselves poked and prodded. masakit yon. diet and exercise na lang. we know, nakakatamad and there are just too many lovely things to eat out there. like this morning, we had a meeting in someone's house and we were offered a slice of chocolate cake. we couldn't stop staring at it. finally we succumbed and took ONE bite. THAT'S ALL. so disciplined of us! but guess what? it's been eight hours and we're still thinking about that cake. it was goooood... now we regret not eating the whole damn thing! so we had an epiphany, and decided, right before we started writing this post: life is too short! why deprive yourself of good food and drink?? as long as we do it in moderation and don't get obese and don't get [too] drunk every night, we should be ok. so excuse us while we open a bottle of wine and have ourselves a creamy pasta dish. carbs be damned!!!

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Anonymous said...

We second the motion! We just got so tired of worrying about getting fat that it took the enjoyment out of life. Thanks for reminding us to let go (at least once in a while)! :)