Friday, September 07, 2007

PMAP 20th anniv

and now for your late breaking news... as in this breaking news is late, haha! not late at night (which it is), but late as in huli sa balita. that's us. the PMAP (professional models association of the philippines) held its 20th anniversary gala at the peninsula manila wednesday night, and here we are, writing about it two days later. now if you're gonna attend an event filled with models, you know you're gonna look like crap for sure, so you gotta do what you gotta do in order to at least, ahem, "blend in." so nag-gown kami, at nag-pa-blow-dry kami, at nag-pa-makeup kami... tuloy we got there so late! the lobby was already filled to the rafters with people holding their tulip-shaped champagne glasses. get us some of that mo√ęt! but alas, we were too late.

we interrupt this post with another piece of late breaking news, and this time it's really news, as in REALLY bad news. it is now sep 10, monday, and we were forced to end the above post because... our computer crashed!!! waaaahhh!!! so there we were, posting the above and it was taking us forever. so we decided to take a break and go blog lurking, something we haven't done in the last couple weeks. so we went to the bag hag. she wrote about the PMAP event too and posted pix of some of the same people whose photos we also took. then we went to chuvaness. she was writing from singapore and talking about her "harrowing" flight from hong kong to manila, and we scrolled down to the photo of her seatmates, then we swear nag-hang ang computer! each time we re-started and tried to launch safari, it wouldn't. neither would mail nor ichat nor iphoto. we managed to save all our files and photos in an external hard drive, but it looks like our motherfuckinboard is deado. so now nakiki-gamit kami ng laptop. how sad...


Anonymous said...

holy shit! i am so afraid of that happening one day.

hope everything was backed up... as in everything.


Anonymous said...

That whole fashion show was a disaster. Don't understand why they had that fashion show in the first place. They should've just thrown a big party instead. Sayang.

Highlight of that show was Meldy Co's face when John Estrada walked down the ramp.

the fash pack said...

dop: thankfully, the hard drive was intact, so all our photos and files were safe. whew! but as they say it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when.

anonymous: why naman disaster? ang lupit mo naman... but too bad we totally missed tita meldy's expression. can you describe please?