Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

let's eat: sushi kappo kobikicho

seems like we've been chained to our desks the last couple weeks and haven't had the time to check out what's new in the malls, to catch up with what fashion people are up to, to blog hop and lurk... by the time we come up for air after drowning ourselves in work all day, the sun's gone down and it's time to go home... but not after treating ourselves to a good dinner (because the malls are closed by then, so no shopping! when oh when will retailers realize that some of us can only go shopping after 7pm??). we recently tried out this relatively new japanese restaurant in legazpi village and all we can say is don't come with an empty stomach—come with a full wallet! in other words, it's quite pricey and by the time you leave the restaurant parang gutom ka pa. let us walk you through it:

1. the facade looks very japanese: clean, simple, quiet, with bamboo and stone flanking the door. inside they have three private rooms, each one seating from six to 10 people. this one has a very modern design with furniture we imagine would look better in a condominium model unit. then there's the sushi bar, which can seat up to 10 people comfortably. we sat here.

2. the items on the menu don't come cheap and for this dinner, we ordered sushi and sashimi dishes. each plate cost about P700 each, and our bill came to nearly P4,000 pesos—and that's for two people! (including a beer each, poured into a chilled copper mug.) but everything was super fresh, beautifully presented, and mmm delicious.

3. this is shintaro, the young sushi chef who used to work in ben kay. he's pure japanese, but be careful—he speaks tagalog! he's very friendly and quite engaging, he'll recommend dishes according to your budget. but because he was standing so close and wouldn't leave, we felt he was eavesdropping on our conversation, even nodding his head every now then. er, don't you have vegetables to chop or something? the waitstaff was very attentive and we have to say, TOO attentive. as dessert comes first says, the "server [must] intuitively understand[s] the dance of serve and retreat that must be adjusted to each customer..." and these guys need more training when it comes to that. we were five customers that evening, and we EACH had a server hovering over us, eager to take plates and glasses away. it was not a relaxed atmosphere. it was almost like they wanted us to finish asap so they could... go home?

sushi kappo kobikicho, 150 legazpi st., legazpi village, makati city, tel (2) 752-1280

Monday, October 29, 2007

not at inno's

right now as we type this on our iphone all the beautiful people of manila must be powdered and primped and preening at the makati shangri-la for inno sotto's show. and the fash pack is not there. boo-hoo. why not you ask? because we have no invitation. boo-hoo. even though inno promised he would send us one but we guess he forgot. boo-hoo. should we have reminded him? hindi kami close eh. isabel preysler will be there pa naman. we've been wanting to meet this woman or at least see her in person kasi sabi ng nanay namin mag-pinsan daw kami. ows? so pamangkin namin si enrique??

Sunday, October 28, 2007

your guide to greenbelt 5

the other day we were back in greenbelt 5 and got to go around to check out the shops, and in the process got all dusty and grimy ugh. we can't wait for these to open: in the meantime, here's your guide to what's already open and what's soon to open.

GROUND FLOOR: we couldn't find celestina, mix, or rafe. and as of friday, dotdotdot was still closed.
SECOND FLOOR: we only spotted barba with vic himself tending the store.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

kiehl's crowd

we would say that this crowd is only one-third the total amount of people who were there at the kiehl's opening at greenbelt 5 last thursday night. even though it was an open-air (albeit shaded) event, people felt claustrophobic and of course were hot and sweaty. but not these pretty people:

Thursday, October 25, 2007

kiehl's finally opens—for real!

and getting there was not easy... first of all, where the hell is greenbelt 5? and more importantly where the hell do we park?? the only thing the invite said was "legazpi street side." no map, no advisory, no car-park pass. and the security guards were no help. they weren't advised either that their bosses' new mall's tenant was having a grand opening. they were probably too busy with their other mall, you know, the one that exploded due to negligence? so we park the car all the way in greenbelt 4 and ask the guards how to get to kiehl's. haaay nakuuu there was plenty of scratching of heads... so frustrating. we ended up going all the way around ayala museum, walking along the sidewalk of de la rosa street, being blocked by construction and water puddles and oncoming traffic—it was like an obstacle course! in heels! and we weren't the only ones—anybody who didn't have a driver went through the same thing. note to self: next time, park in greenbelt 1, it's closer. so this is what the area looks like: there's a fountain in the middle, which was not functioning yet. everybody thought it was a catwalk and that there was a show. there was none. we all waited like two hours for this... ... to be pulled down to reveal this: it's a cute tiny store but with the complete line of kiehl's goodies. can't wait to get our hands on the lip balm #1 (now with color and flavor!), silk groom, blue astringent, creme de corps, amino acid shampoo, and grapefruit body wash. but that's the classic stuff. there's lots of new stuff too!

PS: while waiting for the unveiling, there was nothing to do but play the pap, so we took photos of the guests. anyone care to see them?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

is this global warming?

look at what we saw outside our office window yesterday at about 4pm, after a whole afternoon of rain... you couldn't see the tops of the buildings on the left and right. could it really be fog over makati city?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

so chic-a celestina

last sunday we were at mass admiring the dress of this woman sitting a few pews in front of us. it was a simple, putty-colored sack dress with puffy sleeves that had interesting origami folds. as we left the church, we realized it was tina maristela-ocampo! the woman is effortlessly chic. so when we got a text inviting us to the celestina private, by-invitation-only sale, we thought, we want a piece of that! so this morning we dropped by the forbes park home of tina and her hubby ricco to check out some of the goods, hoping that if we buy a celestina, some of her impeccable style might rub off on us. well, if we could afford anything! everything was marked down 50% (wow, pretty generous), but even with that huge discount, everything was still over a thousand dollars! yes, US dollars! didn’t seem to faze the couple of magazine editors and zobel wives who were jotting down their orders. we all know the minaudières the celestina brand is famous for (you know, those little clutches carried by hollywood celebs on the red carpet), but we were jonesing for everything else: chunky jewelry, shagreen-covered sunglasses, croc purses, mmmm… we wish we could afford these (actually, we can but that would mean not paying rent for like a year):

here are some things that cost less than US$500…

well, it’s a three-day sale, so we have till thursday to decide…

Monday, October 22, 2007

bomb or not?

so it's beginning to look like it wasn't a bomb after all. hmmm we don't quite know what to make of this. but all evidence points to the explosions being caused by CARELESSNESS. so in a way, that mess in the basement actually WAS a "ticking time bomb." nevertheless it's a good idea to close off glorietta 2 to check for structural damage. and that goes for the rest of the mall. events scheduled there this week are one by one being postponed. tomorrow the opening of sanuk, the new sidewalk surfer sandal shoe from thailand, has been postponed. then we got a text that the grand launch of KC concepcion as the new bayo image model on thursday has also been postponed. kiehl's over at greenbelt 5 is also having its grand opening on the same day, but so far we haven't received any advisory, so looks like we'll see you there.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

the great catwalk of china

this has got to be the most fabulous fashion show of all time: last night, the first ever fashion show was held by fendi on—dig this—the great wall of china! no, we weren't there but we wish we were!!! check out these photos: we've been reading about this for months since the original date was set for may this year, but postponed to october. about 500 guests, including hollywood and chinese celebs, local tai-tais (including audrey puckett-chiu!), and international fashion editors took the steep steps up the longest—and highest—catwalk in the world. the show cost US$10 million to stage, had 88 mostly chinese models, and presented fendi's spring/summer 2008 collection. check out how those gals need to be held as they get off the runway. those steps are like a foot high each and they can't be easy to navigate, especially in four-inch heels! now what would out-do that fashion show over here...? fashion show on edsa? on the skyway?? on the san juanico bridge???

photo credit: reuters

Friday, October 19, 2007

what is this world coming to???

so there we were having a leisurely lunch at our office desk when the driver comes in complaining of all the traffic outside. "may bombang pumutok daw sa glorietta." whaaat??? so we go to gmanews. tv and sure enough there it was: there was an explosion, initially thought to be caused by an LPG tank at luk yuen, that occurred at approximately 1:40pm at glorietta 2. as we write this, eight people, mostly employees of establishments in the mall, are already confirmed dead, and over a hundred injured. our thoughts and prayers go out to these victims... we just thank god none of our family or friends were inside the mall when it happened. we saw the amateur photos taken after the blast inside the mall and that sure as hell wasn't caused by an LPG tank. the damage was just too great. we drove down pasay road at around 4pm today and saw the flurry of activity down the street between park square 2 and goldcrest. to see more photos and read eyewitness accounts, go here, here, and here.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

anne curtis for freeway

we thought we've gotten this fashionably-late thing down pat. tonight was the launch of anne curtis as the new image model of freeway. (what happened to cindy kurleto? yes indeed whatever happened to cindy kurleto??) invite said 7pm at embassy. so we go at 7:30. we figured that's not too early that we'll get the early-bird award, not too late that all the free booze is gone. when we get there, embassy is still pretty empty and models are walking the makeshift stage. cool concept, we thought, the models will be parading all night long. turns out they were still rehearsing! ano ba yan. so we go down to eat at their restaurant. not cuisine, but the other one (forget the name). we were only three tables occupied and the service was pretty bad. but that's another post. (erik, dude, we like you, but you gotta train your waitstaff better!) we go back up at 8:30pm and the party is finally in full swing. but it took almost another hour before the show started! so they showed a lot of separates (shorts, tops, jackets) and lots of cute party dresses. if you need to build your wardrobe for the upcoming party season, you can stock up on these pieces. and at less than 2,000 bucks a pop, that won't be too painful! some of the dresses are already in the stores, the rest will be delivered every two weeks. the new collection is designed by new young designer mel orlina, who we heard is the daughter of artist ramon orlina (you know, the guy who makes those exquisite glass sculptures). by the end of the show, we already forgot that anne had yet to be introduced. she came out in a white dress, posed in the middle of the stage, posed on the left, posed on the right, then exited. kinda anti-climactic. we thought they would unveil her campaign or billboard or something. or at least make her speak. "i love freeway!" "i hate petit monde!" (uy, intriga.) or something. maybe she did. we don't know. because by then we had left. so let's go shopping for some party clothes! (click to enlarge)