Thursday, October 18, 2007

anne curtis for freeway

we thought we've gotten this fashionably-late thing down pat. tonight was the launch of anne curtis as the new image model of freeway. (what happened to cindy kurleto? yes indeed whatever happened to cindy kurleto??) invite said 7pm at embassy. so we go at 7:30. we figured that's not too early that we'll get the early-bird award, not too late that all the free booze is gone. when we get there, embassy is still pretty empty and models are walking the makeshift stage. cool concept, we thought, the models will be parading all night long. turns out they were still rehearsing! ano ba yan. so we go down to eat at their restaurant. not cuisine, but the other one (forget the name). we were only three tables occupied and the service was pretty bad. but that's another post. (erik, dude, we like you, but you gotta train your waitstaff better!) we go back up at 8:30pm and the party is finally in full swing. but it took almost another hour before the show started! so they showed a lot of separates (shorts, tops, jackets) and lots of cute party dresses. if you need to build your wardrobe for the upcoming party season, you can stock up on these pieces. and at less than 2,000 bucks a pop, that won't be too painful! some of the dresses are already in the stores, the rest will be delivered every two weeks. the new collection is designed by new young designer mel orlina, who we heard is the daughter of artist ramon orlina (you know, the guy who makes those exquisite glass sculptures). by the end of the show, we already forgot that anne had yet to be introduced. she came out in a white dress, posed in the middle of the stage, posed on the left, posed on the right, then exited. kinda anti-climactic. we thought they would unveil her campaign or billboard or something. or at least make her speak. "i love freeway!" "i hate petit monde!" (uy, intriga.) or something. maybe she did. we don't know. because by then we had left. so let's go shopping for some party clothes! (click to enlarge)

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