Monday, October 22, 2007

bomb or not?

so it's beginning to look like it wasn't a bomb after all. hmmm we don't quite know what to make of this. but all evidence points to the explosions being caused by CARELESSNESS. so in a way, that mess in the basement actually WAS a "ticking time bomb." nevertheless it's a good idea to close off glorietta 2 to check for structural damage. and that goes for the rest of the mall. events scheduled there this week are one by one being postponed. tomorrow the opening of sanuk, the new sidewalk surfer sandal shoe from thailand, has been postponed. then we got a text that the grand launch of KC concepcion as the new bayo image model on thursday has also been postponed. kiehl's over at greenbelt 5 is also having its grand opening on the same day, but so far we haven't received any advisory, so looks like we'll see you there.

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