Saturday, October 13, 2007

bora crocs

so next time you're in boracay and realize you brought the wrong shoes—heels, suede, fabric—you'll be happy to know that crocs now has a branch at the mall, oops, we mean d'mall. (wasn't this area once known as talipapa?) of course crocs are quite expensive and there are a lot of fakes being sold everywhere (yes, even at d'mall), but nothing beats an original. and the original is upping the style ante: crocs recently bought into an italian design firm, which is the reason why they've been coming out with cuter designs (see prima). so there we were at the tides roofdeck to celebrate the store opening with daquiris and vodka shots... when we spotted a couple new styles to look forward to next month. introducing the alice: and the celeste: they're both made with the same croslite material, but this time they're buffed to resemble suede.


Anonymous said...

I tend to wonder why people buy Crocs. Sure it's comfy but does it really have to be so ugly? Boggles the mind.

details_later said...

I guess it's the inverse of beautiful and exquisite shoes that are a b*tch to wear. Why do they have to be so painful?*

Have I uncovered a Fashion Paradox?! Dibs! It is hereby named the "details_later Shoe Inverse Theory."

*Hence the "suffer for fashion" edict that hardcore fashiony people swear by.