Monday, October 01, 2007

the fash back

the fash pack is back! yes, we're back in manila, but we're also back in the land of the, er, virtual living. while we were away, our mac doctor injected some additional ram into our G4, so here are working again. oh happy happy joy joy :-D anyway, back in singapore, we swear we tried to go online each time we could, and we would pick up lots of networks but alas they all required a password. we stayed at the shangri-la rasa sentosa resort, and unlike the shangri-las in manila, the internet in the hotel lobby or the outlets is not free :-( but check out the hotel: love the curvy, undulating design. check out the view from our room: not so exciting. although the beach you see is natural, those little islands are manmade. and although the water looks clean, it's not so nice. as you can see in the distance, daanan ng mga cargo ships. the hotel reminds us a bit of shangri-la mactan, but the latter is much much nicer. the sentosa one is due for a renovation in 2009. not in 2008 as singapore is going to be veeeery busy then, what with formula one making its debut there in about a year's time. more later! or tomorrow! whichever comes first!


details_later said...

Hey, welcome back!

Where's the report on Singapore Airlines Business Class?

They're pretty good, but a little TOO efficient. Plus, they didn't feed my pregnant friend, also in Business Class. Naubusan daw sila ng food! Unbelievable, di ba?

She rushed me to go to the Lounge with her because she was starving…

Anyhoo, at Changi I was duly intrigued because to the left was the Business Class lounge, but to the right was the FIRST CLASS lounge. I wonder how swanky it gets there! (When will I get to find out?)

the fash pack said...

unfortunately, our (non-existent) charm did not work. we tried it again on the way back, but no such luck. so economy it was all the way. plus, the flights were full both ways, unbelievable!