Saturday, October 20, 2007

the great catwalk of china

this has got to be the most fabulous fashion show of all time: last night, the first ever fashion show was held by fendi on—dig this—the great wall of china! no, we weren't there but we wish we were!!! check out these photos: we've been reading about this for months since the original date was set for may this year, but postponed to october. about 500 guests, including hollywood and chinese celebs, local tai-tais (including audrey puckett-chiu!), and international fashion editors took the steep steps up the longest—and highest—catwalk in the world. the show cost US$10 million to stage, had 88 mostly chinese models, and presented fendi's spring/summer 2008 collection. check out how those gals need to be held as they get off the runway. those steps are like a foot high each and they can't be easy to navigate, especially in four-inch heels! now what would out-do that fashion show over here...? fashion show on edsa? on the skyway?? on the san juanico bridge???

photo credit: reuters

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