Thursday, October 25, 2007

kiehl's finally opens—for real!

and getting there was not easy... first of all, where the hell is greenbelt 5? and more importantly where the hell do we park?? the only thing the invite said was "legazpi street side." no map, no advisory, no car-park pass. and the security guards were no help. they weren't advised either that their bosses' new mall's tenant was having a grand opening. they were probably too busy with their other mall, you know, the one that exploded due to negligence? so we park the car all the way in greenbelt 4 and ask the guards how to get to kiehl's. haaay nakuuu there was plenty of scratching of heads... so frustrating. we ended up going all the way around ayala museum, walking along the sidewalk of de la rosa street, being blocked by construction and water puddles and oncoming traffic—it was like an obstacle course! in heels! and we weren't the only ones—anybody who didn't have a driver went through the same thing. note to self: next time, park in greenbelt 1, it's closer. so this is what the area looks like: there's a fountain in the middle, which was not functioning yet. everybody thought it was a catwalk and that there was a show. there was none. we all waited like two hours for this... ... to be pulled down to reveal this: it's a cute tiny store but with the complete line of kiehl's goodies. can't wait to get our hands on the lip balm #1 (now with color and flavor!), silk groom, blue astringent, creme de corps, amino acid shampoo, and grapefruit body wash. but that's the classic stuff. there's lots of new stuff too!

PS: while waiting for the unveiling, there was nothing to do but play the pap, so we took photos of the guests. anyone care to see them?


fuchsiaboy said...

it's the juicy part. go blog away the pix of the other guests who suffered the same obstacle race!hehehe

W Talent Management said...

hahaha! yeah why not? I left at 8:48pm just in time when JM was already starting the program. It was getting claustrophobic in there LOL.

Anonymous said...

post pap pics. so i can see who suffered the heat with us.