Wednesday, October 17, 2007

let's eat: sala

since we've been sick the past couple days and bedridden the whole day yesterday, we don't really have much to blog about. so we're going to blog about eating at sala early this month. we didn't want to blog about sala because our pictures are god-awful. yeah, yeah, blame the lousy digi-cam or our so-called "skills," but it's also because we took photos without flash. when you're in a restaurant that full and that small and that chi-chi, you don't want to shock other diners with a flash going off every five minutes. especially when you have the likes of imee and irene in the next table. swear, we didn't know they were there when we took this random shot! how very paparazzi! when we entered, we could not imagine this place to be where lumiere once was. the warm interiors, enhanced with soft lighting, damask-patterned banquette seating, padded walls, and brown/beige color palette, is very different from the malate sala. the makati sala is more modern with the straight lines and more angular details, as opposed to malate's more cozy, salon-style chairs, colors, and wall treatment. oooh, when we spotted that kid at the end, we thought, uh-oh, we're not sure this is an ideal place for children... but we're happy to report that this little boy was quite well-behaved and not a peep from him. first thing we ordered: a twice-baked soufflé with prawns, feta, and dill (P420). actually an appetizer, but filling enough for one as a main dish! (if you eat like a bird, that is.) ok, we're going to tell you what we ordered for our main course, but trust us when we say do not judge a dish by a blogger's photos because ugh these are completely disgusting, they look like something the cat dragged in. so we're going to run the rest of the photos small:
grilled lamb tenderloins with sweet white onion risotto, grilled asparagus, and salsa verde (P890)
duck breast, roast pear, ricotta, and onion tart with port wine jus (P960)
we think the food was priced quite fairly, considering that VAT is included, something you don't often see these days. (as in, when you get the bill, prepare to pay for that "phantom diner," right details_later?) both dishes were quite tasty and more than satisfactory size-wise if you're in a meaty mood, but between the two, mas wagi yung lamb. and because chef colin mckay was feeling generous that night, he sent us a complimentary dessert :-)

sala, podium level, locsin building, 6752 ayala ave. corner makati avenue, makati city, tel 751-9424 (resto is on the makati avenue side, right across makati shangri-la)


details_later said...

Wow, a little lambing from thefashpack!

I love my shoutout! I think it made my month. Or maybe my last three months…

Anonymous said...

i miss lumiere(the resto that was there before SALA) the souffle looks good, will give it the try, the last time i ate at SALA was at Malate 2 yrs ago..

details_later said...

Also, no matter the state of your photos, I still want to eat there, and even order the lamb! Looks delish.

And as you said, walang "phantom diner" doon. My wallet thanks Sala for that, when I get there.