Monday, October 29, 2007

not at inno's

right now as we type this on our iphone all the beautiful people of manila must be powdered and primped and preening at the makati shangri-la for inno sotto's show. and the fash pack is not there. boo-hoo. why not you ask? because we have no invitation. boo-hoo. even though inno promised he would send us one but we guess he forgot. boo-hoo. should we have reminded him? hindi kami close eh. isabel preysler will be there pa naman. we've been wanting to meet this woman or at least see her in person kasi sabi ng nanay namin mag-pinsan daw kami. ows? so pamangkin namin si enrique??


Chelo said...

me either

Anonymous said...

you're so funny. i was there. it was beautiful. the clothes, the people, isabel preysler. stunning.

but i didn't bring my camera. so all i had was my lousy iPhone cam.