Friday, October 05, 2007

random singapore scenes

something every mall should have. paging the ayalas, sys, and gokongweis! this one in vivo city is designed according to the mall's organic aesthetic and has a map of each floor, with each store numbered, and a corresponding list. makes getting lost manageable.

love these lamps at tangs! we want to copy this for our house. does anyone out there know anyone who can make these?

someone chopped half the tail of this monitor lizard, which runs free on the grounds of the shangri-la rasa sentosa resort. (gross ba?)

the cargo ships ploughing the south china sea right by sentosa island. the big one says "i love fashion TV" tee-hee...

isn't it cute how the ladies' and men's room symbols in sentosa are dressed? very resort.

remember those giant pearls in the mango window? ginagaya kaya nila ang chanel? or is it the other way around??

wow, what are they building next to wisma atria? last time we were in singapore (two years ago), this was a nice empty grassy lot where our "ates" (the pinay DHs ) liked to hang out on their day off.

stairway to heaven?

look at these adorable miniature coats and dresses in the moschino window!

this is the facade of the hilton on orchard road. we always make it a point to stop by their shops to drool at the clothes in marni, moschino, paul smith, dries van noten, and the club 21 store in the back (which is actually in another building).

before you take their word for it (because they just want you to buy duty-free perfume and liquor), check with your airline.

don't you wish our airport had these facilities? it would make waiting for your delayed flight so much more bearable.


schushop said...

Yes, yes! Hilton, of course. Did you check the Manolo shop there? Collection is very few, though. Heard these shoes were just bought by some wifey who decided to open shop... dunno if true..

As for the liquids on board, not allowed pag US-bound or Europe ka. Going back to the Philippines, ok lang. The last time I was there, which was 3 months ago, they sealed liquids in a plastic bag that you cannot open until you've landed in your destination na. Totally sealed talaga. Mahirap mabuksan.

RG said...

Hey. I can make you those lamps. But first, I have to find you a similar fabric. Unless, you already have tela in your closet that you've been keeping for years. In any case, let me know. :)

the fash pack said...

rg, are you an interior designer or something? and how much will you charge per lamp?

W Talent Management said...

I wish you took photos of the Sunflower garden at the airport:-)

the fash pack said...

noted! we actually saw a sign that said "garden" and pointed upstairs, but we couldn't go up because it was time to check into the gate. next time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply! There is a small moviehouse when you take that escalator going to the garden :-) The sunflowers are so HUGE too :-)