Sunday, October 14, 2007

ride the tides

two weeks ago, the tides boracay had its formal opening. unfortunately, we missed it because we had to be in singapore, so we're glad we got the chance to stay there for this trip because it is quite the oasis in the middle of the hotbed of activity that is d'mall. as you drag your trolley down the cement path, you don't even realize you're already there. it's located by the little rotonda, in between heidiland deli and mongkok dimsum & noodles, and when you enter, you go from the requisite thatched-roof design of the restos and shops of d'mall into this hip, modern boutique hotel. so chic-a! it only has four floors. the top floor has a coffee shop where you have breakfast (love that wallpaper)... the roofdeck, where you can hang out and get a tan during the day, and where they hold events and parties on weekend nights... and the tiny pool, which is really meant more for dipping, not swimming... and when you look beyond, you'll see the not-that-great views because this isn't a beachfront hotel...

which is why each room has a big bay window, which looks out into... the room across. check it out, this is our view: which means you have to keep your curtains closed at all times lest they see you having a bath in this big, gorgeous tub... or taking a shower. at first we couldn't find the shower till we figured out the water came out from the ceiling! but we loved our room... and our lovely swag. (take note, only for the crocs event! you don't get this when you check into the tides! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

nice photos. did you get a better camera recently?