Thursday, October 04, 2007

shopping (?) in singapore

a filipina living in singapore is eagerly awaiting our shopping report from singapore because she thinks we found some bargains. honey, there ain't no bargains in singapore! well, maybe there are, we just don't know where they are. so can anyone point us towards the right direction so that we know where to go next time? (and next time could be soon, who knows?) what we were interested in in singapore are brands not available in the philippines. and guess where we went shopping: yes, that monstrosity known as vivo city. from the renderings in the website, parang cute ang design. but in person, chaka sha pramis. nakakalito pa ang layout sa loob. why can't they all just be shaped like power plant mall: straight north to south, up and down, no secret corners or hidden hallways or way-down-below basements you might miss. check out the ceiling's green leafy design inside vivo: doesn't it remind you of the ceiling in trinoma?? so who copied whom? basta vivo opened a year ago. so here are some shops we visited simply because they are not available where we live:
ted baker, a british brand that's in the same vein as ben sherman and to a cheaper extent, paul smith. we love the thousands (exagg) of pendant lights hanging inside and the cashier's counter that looks like a bar
is this british brand for fat ladies? er, we mean, er, weight-challenged women?
pull and bear, a spanish brand owned by same rich lady behind zara
high street brand
forever 21, a store we never even enter whenever we see it in anymall, USA
we love this window at trucco, we're going to copy it at home!


details_later said...

"but in person, chaka sha pramis"

Oh, oh, oh… simple shite like this cracks. ME. UP. Hilarious!

And congratulations for two years (lang?) of blogging…

details_later said...

PS. Is the Trucco you saw in Singapoh the cosmetic brand of Sebastian? Or is it another brand entirely that sells apparel?

PPS. This is a "take two" comment. I don't know if the one I made earlier landed…

the fash pack said...

the trucco in singapore is a spanish fashion brand. check it out: