Friday, October 19, 2007

what is this world coming to???

so there we were having a leisurely lunch at our office desk when the driver comes in complaining of all the traffic outside. "may bombang pumutok daw sa glorietta." whaaat??? so we go to gmanews. tv and sure enough there it was: there was an explosion, initially thought to be caused by an LPG tank at luk yuen, that occurred at approximately 1:40pm at glorietta 2. as we write this, eight people, mostly employees of establishments in the mall, are already confirmed dead, and over a hundred injured. our thoughts and prayers go out to these victims... we just thank god none of our family or friends were inside the mall when it happened. we saw the amateur photos taken after the blast inside the mall and that sure as hell wasn't caused by an LPG tank. the damage was just too great. we drove down pasay road at around 4pm today and saw the flurry of activity down the street between park square 2 and goldcrest. to see more photos and read eyewitness accounts, go here, here, and here.


conci in lakewood, ca said...

we heard about the bombing and thought about you right away. thank goodness you were not there!

the fash pack said...

thank you, conci, for your concern! any one of those dead or hurt could've been people we know as glorietta is not some obscure place, but one of the busiest malls in the city. everyone, as in everyone, goes there!