Sunday, October 28, 2007

your guide to greenbelt 5

the other day we were back in greenbelt 5 and got to go around to check out the shops, and in the process got all dusty and grimy ugh. we can't wait for these to open: in the meantime, here's your guide to what's already open and what's soon to open.

GROUND FLOOR: we couldn't find celestina, mix, or rafe. and as of friday, dotdotdot was still closed.
SECOND FLOOR: we only spotted barba with vic himself tending the store.


Anonymous said...

Is that the Borders bookstore?

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

I hope there's a large enough luxury market in Manila to support all these stores.

the fash pack said...

to anonymous: we doubt that's borders the bookstore. it must be borders the high-end home furnishings store.

to john halcyon von rothschild: you'd be surprised how much disposable income some people in this country have. it's a matter of bringing in the right brands...

Anonymous said...

very impressive store lineup. im more excited about the filipino wing tho. :)

Anonymous said...

will there be H&M in greenbelt 5? i saw the listings but i didnt see any H&M in it... :(

Anonymous said...

yesterday, April 27, at about 11:35 am, My husband, my Friend Vi, her partner Dindo had the greatest shock in our lives!!! we would have been pinned and crushed to death when the under construction wall of Banana Republic crashed to the ground just when we were about to pass by. My husband and Dindo just turned the corner on our way to the Museum Cafe. Vi and I were intently talking and following them a few steps back, when i noticed the Banana Republic Tarp shaking. On instinct, i held Vi tightly and run backwards and in that split second the whole wall, backed with metal fell on the ground. We were shocked and tongue tied... the good natured and concerned guard of the Ayala Malls saw us running backwards frantically seconds before the wall fell down and rushed out of his post...only to witness the wall falling on the ground!!!

The shock of that incident was indeed traumatic...and we saw how those walls crashed in slow motion right in front of our eyes...knowing very well that had we hesitated only for a second we were both gonners now with all those thick aluminum (or were they steel?) frames backings.

The Guard asked for our names and contact numbers and asked how we were, then it was just as though nothing happened. They started fixing the debris.

Then we proceeded for our lunch at Museum Cafe. Only when we were there after 30 minutes that the eminent danger dawned on us and we were shaking with nervousness.

I had to be calmed down and had to take medicine as my blood pressure just shot up so high.

It was a real trauma that after leaving Museum Cafe, we saw to it not to pass near the walls any longer.

But for all of this we thank the LORD for protecting us... AMEN?

But what has the ayalamalls management say about this? or the Banana Republic? or the contractors...they are as silent as a lamb!

The biggest question is: why were there no signs at all that there was construction going on behind those walls?

Tess Mamangun
VP for Marketing
Viviendo Philippines, Inc.

Anonymous said...

BANG & OLUFSEN? In Manila??? Ha! I wonder how long that store will last. There are very, very few people in the Philippines who can afford B&O. And there's no such thing as an entry-level luxury item from B&O. Everything costs multiple thousands of dollars...

Camille Rico said...

Where can I buy band shirts, most preferably original ones, like the ones in ? Thank you.