Wednesday, November 07, 2007

battle of the beauty brands

when it comes to mass-market beauty brands, it seems like olay and pond's are the two that are really battling it out in the local beauty scene. in one corner, we have olay (which used to be called oil of olay, but do you want to smear oil on your face??), which launched its total effects product last year with a series of ads, each one with a beautiful celebrity talking about her "lines—parang nawala!" will you believe gretchen, miriam, daphne, et al that this product fights the seven signs of aging? well, we've never used olay, but we gotta tell you, gretchen has one of the most luminous skins we've ever seen. but dude she was born that way. here's what olay sent us as an invitation to the launch tomorrow (requested attire: black and gold) of their new-and-improved total effects:
black satin box with tassel
another box with a lock and key!
the product and a gift certificate for a treatment at suriya spa

in the other corner, we have pond's, which last year also launched its "red" age miracle line. they went a different route and instead of hiring models or celebs to endorse the product, their ads featured lifestyle/beauty editors/writers: sari yap of lifestyle asia, melanie cuevas of metro (she used to be the beauty editor and is now editor in chief), and rissa samson of the philippine star (she's one the country's top models and is also a beauty/fashion columnist). we guess pond's was hoping that the public will be more likely to believe women who get to try many, many beauty products for a living. as one of them said, the product "lived up to its promise" and saw her skin improve in seven days. (what is it about the number seven??) well, we got to try the whole shebang (cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, eye cream) and after seven days? 'day, pitong buwan na... here's what pond's gave away at their press launch for their new flawless white line, which will have a big launch next week (requested attire: pink and white):
a big-ass pink box with bow...
...with a drawer that reveals the complete line of products. plus a lovely silver heart necklace that can lock in half

let the games begin!


details_later said...


Does all this spending actually work? The Clear campaign is also allovertheplacegrabe.Does that mean Clear is being sold by the supermarket-shelf-full na?

Anonymous said...

where can i find the necklace

Anonymous said...

where can i find the necklace?