Tuesday, November 20, 2007

beau beaujo beaujolais

we gotta get rid of the last post. we gotta make people forget about it. fuhgedaboudit. family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances have been asking to see that marni skirt! so let's talk about something not related to fashion. at least not directly. tonight we went to the launch of this year's beaujolais harvest. they started early this year—5:30pm—because they wanted to catch the famous manila bay sunset. but we missed that. dami kasi trabaho eh. plus traffic (when will this stop being the default excuse? nevah!). so we got to sofitel philippine plaza's harbour tent at way past 8pm and the place was packed. but packed or not, this was one event where they wouldn't run out of wine. albeit beaujolais. but this is no time to be a snob! let's drink! and here is what YOU missed (we know you missed it because we didn't see YOU...)
the crowd...
the food... mmm hammm... we don't eat pork but tonight we made an exception
one of the hosts (along with the indefatigable johnny litton), tessa the sea princess, fresh from hollywood where she watched the world premiere of "enchanted"
the fashion show with rhett eala's gowns accessorized with jewelmer's pearls (can't decide if we prefer the gowns or the pearls!). oh and that's the once "it" boy, violinist jay cayuca
the bloomfields! 'nuff said

and where's the wine?? oops we drank 'em all... :-P

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