Friday, November 09, 2007

coffee talk

the race is on for the 2008 starbucks planner! but they're pretty strict now. if last year, in case you forgot your booklet (or you left it in your other purse), you could bring back the receipt and get the sticker, this year no more. the rules have changed. they have to stick it on right there and then. BUT. you better watch those baristas. yesterday, we bought two coffees and of course that's worth two stickers. well, guess what, it's a good thing we checked because the gal at the register only put one! what is this? training day?? so of course we complained. the manager had to ask for our receipt to check if we indeed ordered two coffees. jeez, she made us feel like cheaters, thieves, liars, take-advantage type of starbucks suckers. hello, we can get your planner at ebay before the end of the year!! we don't have to get palpitations for this!


tei said...

seattles also has a christmas promo, aside from the planner you also get a tote bag, mug, metallic pen case. very cute. plus only 20 stickers.

PePPeR_MD said...

i know! starbucks has gotten all strict and high allmighty about it. the receipt thing is so irritating and insulting. aaynaku. we got a planner within the first 6days last year -- with all official purchases ha.

if only i didn't love starbucks so much.. all their customer service boo-boos would've turned me away.

djoching said...

i know.. i bought 3 drinks and they only put 2 stickers... what's with the modus operandi? will the planners come from their salary?