Thursday, November 15, 2007

the gap opens today!

yes, it's true, the first gap store in the philippines finally opens today at glorietta 4. it's located in between make room and bossini, and right across marks & sparks. it's where tutto moda used to be. we were there yesterday for the special press preview. and our assessment? well, it's very, er, gap. it currently carries the fall/winter collection, so you'll see a lot of coats, jackets, sweaters, long-sleeved knits, plus accessories like mufflers, gloves, and hats. all in dark dark dark shades. they need some pops of color in there. the second branch in trinoma should open before the end of the year, and the flagship in bonifacio high street will open next year. they still have to build the building. it will carry gap kids and gap baby too. some gap scenes to expect when you walk in...
gap tees in not quite every color
what gap employees are known for: folding
typical display. those ballet flats are the only shoes available
a corduroy jacket trendy sleeves. wish it came in other colors
will this DJ be a permanent fixture?
we love the way these mannequins are posing


Anonymous said...

i grew up wearing the gap, i love their basics. i was at glorietta the other night(tuesday night) and they had signs up that the store was open but as i rushed(more like semi-run) to the area, it was still closed. glad to hear it's open now.


deta said...

I'm glad they've opened here too. Gap Jeans are my "hiyang" jeans. (Sooo confessional!)