Wednesday, December 05, 2007


shushushu... this is all we've been thinking of since last night's event. no particular reason why other than because it's so easy to remember. shushushu... so last night was the shu uemura-motorola-globe platinum event at this new club called ascend super club located at bonifacio high street. given the name we thought it was owned by the same people behind embassy. ok it's not. we were told that ascend is not officially open to the public till next year, but for now it's open to launches and events. and when we entered we realized why: wala pang air-con! ang init! or maybe they DID have air-con. it's not the first time we've heard establishments in bonifacio high street complain about their air-conditioning. paging ayala!!! can we also complain about the parking??? sabi niyo 2,000 parking slots ang available sa BHS? according to serendra tenants, 'yan ang promise niyo... well, we are not tenants, we are customers, and why is it that the parking is always full, and those little parking areas to the side of BHS are always cordoned off? for whom are those parking slots reserved? why is parking always a problem at ayala establishments? oh don't get us started on trinoma... only half the mall is open and already they don't have parking?? same with serendra??? and PLEASE don't tell us to park in market market!!!! haaay naku but that's not what this post is about! to be continued tomorrow... (with more fun stuff we promise!)

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