Friday, December 28, 2007

things to do before the year ends

every day for the past three days, we've been starting a new post, stopping half way, then never going back to it. and each time, we lose the momentum, so we choose not to continue. 2007 is rounding up in a couple of days, and we're not sure we're prepared for it to end and for 2008 to begin! so many loose ends to tie up! so instead of coming up with a new year's resolution list, we've decided to come up with a year-end resolutions list.

1. find a date book for the office. for work, we like the weekly format that's spread out to two pages. we want to be able to see the week's activities at a glance, with the important or urgent stuff highlighted or circled in red (mostly holidays and long weekends, haha!). and, as much as possible, we want it in spiral form so that we can fold it in half and leave it on our desk piled high with stacks of all sorts of papers (newspapers, magazines, press releases, invitations, "scratch" paper and envelopes for recycling, etc). someone must have given us one of those corporate agendas for christmas, pwede na 'yon...

2. find a journal for personal use. for that, we like blank, unlined pages (in white or a neutral shade). we don't want to be bound by boxes and lines and months and numbers and dates and days and times. we want to do as we please: make lists, draw, make collages, glue pictures, staple receipts, and all sorts of stuff like that. that's why the starbucks planner didn't really work for us. all of a sudden we were pressured to fill in every box. and ended up not. that's why we've only completed half of our sticker card (the "required" drinks suck!). but if someone wants to give us one, pwede na rin...

3. find a fresh new notebook for work. this is separate from the date book. this one we take everywhere with us. it has everything to do with work. whenever we misplace this notebook, we suddenly can't function like the working stiff that we are. we suddenly shut down. we suddenly don't know what to do. because our life is in that notebook! we already have this notebook. all we have to do is to pick and choose from the tons of blank books given away as swag in a million and one events.

4. wrap up our finances. i.e., pay all our bills (monthly and those dang credit cards), liquidate expenses for work, renew subscriptions, set aside funds for the car (that wasn't free, you know), plan a personal holiday with significant other!

5. send out thank you notes. uso pa ba 'yon? ok, ok, send out thank you texts and e-mails. save paper.

6. find a desk calendar for the office. spiral, tent-card-style, with big numbers, must include a miniature calendar of the previous month and the next month. and not too big because there's no space on our desk.

7. find a calendar for our desk at home. same style as the office desk calendar, but we want it to be grid style, with little boxes for each date. that's where we write down what bill is due for that day and circle the number with a highlighter (in neon hot pink). it's so monica of us, but we hate to be charged for late payments, so we always pay on time!

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Anonymous said...

funny list. i feel so much pressure all of a sudden :)

i didnt get any calendar giveaways this year... strange. not uso na?


supercow said...

hello. do you still need a desk calendar at home? i could drop one in your office lobby? (manong guard? ayala?). address it to fashpack? i just dont know where and how. happy new year!

the fash pack said...

thank you, supercow, for your generosity! but we already have all the desk calendars we need :-) maybe for 2009!