Monday, December 31, 2007

top 10 fashion trends of 2007

every december 31, it's been the fash pack's tradition to come up with its annual list of top 10 fashion trends of the past year. but the truth is we haven't really been paying much attention to fashion lately. sad. we haven't been taking pictures of stylish women at parties and events. we haven't posted any fash cam moments for a very long time. don't get us wrong, though. we love fashion. we love reading fashion magazines. we keep abreast of the international collections. we watch local fashion shows. we shop (or at least window shop) whenever we can. but fashion is supposed to be fun. and we don't want it to be such a JOB. unless we get paid for it, that is, hehe... so when some people complain that our blog is boring, or that we don't post regularly, or compare it to other blogs, jeez! a blog is a blog is a blog, it's NOT A JOB. it's not OUR job anyway. so unless we start getting paid for our fashion insight (ngek), boring it shall stay. so there. so anyway, 2007 was the year of the dress. as you can see...

1. chibelle in a PRINTED DRESS
2. apples in a SHAPELESS DRESS (a.k.a. trapeze or A-line or tent or empire-cut)
3. mel in a dress with a BUBBLE HEM
4. lucy in a blouse with a POUFY SLEEVE
6. liza in PLATFORMS
7. helena in SHORTS (three years in a row! and they keep getting shorter!)
8. vicky in BLACK OPAQUE TIGHTS (walang kamatayang black tights, although sometimes we would see them in color...)
9. gretchen's yaya carrying her DESIGNER HANDBAG (super-expensive designer handbag, that is. as in, no-less-than-a-thousand-US-dollars expensive)
10. daphne with SHORTER HAIR (not necessarily short, just short-er. not long, va-va-voom hair)
did we miss anything? loved 'em or hated 'em, tell us what you thought were the top fashion trends of 2007!


Anonymous said...

9. gretchen's yaya carrying her DESIGNER HANDBAG (super-expensive designer handbag, that is. as in, no-less-than-a-thousand-US-dollars expensive

Is the "her" referring to Gretchen? Or the yaya? IOW, does the yaya own her own thousand-dollar handbag? (Really?) Or parking lang siya?

Glad to see the list become a real tradition. Fun and insightful! But yeah, I can't recall any "breakthrough" fashion moments in 2007. The year just felt like more dresses, more shorts, more tights…

(Hee! I managed to figure out the HTML tags! Yay!)

the fash pack said...

we originally wrote "carrying her amo's designer handbag" but we figured, either way most people will get what we mean. but YOU, dear details, are not most people. ikaw talaga, once an editor, always an editor...

Anonymous said...

Hee! I really did want to know if the yaya owned that handbag! Talk about fringe benefits…

Upon further reflection, maybe this past year saw the arrival of:

• the Empire waist's return (was that really in 2007? Can't remember anymore!)

• the short hair/bob (hair as accessory?)