Tuesday, December 18, 2007

we're dreaming of a green christmas

with all the craziness and excitement everyone is experiencing this holiday season, at some point we must all stop and think about its impact on the environment. the fash pack has always been quite greenish (not full-fledged green but trying) before being green was the in thing to be. well, this is one trend we hope will never die (or else everything around us will. oops, get off the soap box...). here are some things we as individuals have been doing through the years during christmas time, little things which may seem like nothing, but if everyone did them may save us some trees and lessen garbage disposal all around. as al gore said, we must unite to save the environment. yes, do try these at home!

1. when we were little kids, we used to make fun of our lola because after we tore through our presents, she would go around collecting the "good" wrapping paper, iron them, and save them for the next christmas. ang cute niya, 'di ba? years later, we found ourselves doing the same! gifts that come in big boxes are the easiest to save: just be careful removing the tape and you've got yourself practically brand new wrapping paper.

2. same goes for ribbon. even tissue paper!

3. make your own christmas gift cards. throughout the year, we receive tons of press kits, which go into the "circular file" after they've been used. tsk tsk tsk. we like to keep the nice folders they come in and cut those up to make little gift cards. to make them christmas-y, we take old red nail polish, paint on several swirls, and voila! you've got artsy christmas balls!

4. speaking of artsy, that was how we described our wrapping paper one christmas. during a trip to hong kong, we collected newspapers with chinese characters (they're free at the hotel!) and used that as wrapping paper. tied with a red ribbon, your gift will look so minimalist chic-a. another time, we took home some arabic newspapers from a trip to egypt.

5. another thing you can use to make christmas gift cards is shopping bags. they're not that thick that they can easily be cut up with scissors or an x-acto knife, but they're stiff enough to be used as cards. our favorites are paul smith's shopping bags—love those stripes! after you cut and fold them, keep them under a stack of books for a few hours to flatten them.

6. and speaking of shopping bags, we don't need to remind you to take your eco bag with you when you go shopping! we call this the divisoria-style of shopping, wherein it was always safer (and more practical) to keep all your purchases in one big tote bag, which you make baon. do the same in the mall! we used to be one of those people who liked to feel rich by carrying around lots of shopping bags with labels like prada, gucci, louis vuitton, et al ('yun pala, pang pullout lang, hahahahaha!).

7. we'd love to hear YOUR green suggestions! share!

(photo credit: istockphoto.com)


izzy said...

here's my suggestion-- recycle gifts! especially fattening cakes and cookies give it to your thin friends.

OME said...

i also recycle gifts.:) saka another thing, less consumption means less waste. so let's all be on a diet!:)

ilovexmas said...

A suggestion from my husband: don't wrap your gifts! Of course I do all the wrapping so he must be lazy or it must be a guy thing.