Monday, January 14, 2008

the first whatever of the year

no, we have not abandoned the fash pack. and no, we haven't switched to facebook. although we've been lurking under our secret identity. and we're seriously considering signing up. parang fun. at parang napaka-out namin not to be part of this tight community. hindi kami maka-relate in polite cocktail conversation. lesson number one: sign up with facebook and compare notes! everything you need, especially from your friends and acquaintances, is there! so what have we been up to since the last time we wrote? not shopping, that's for one. we haven't been to any sale, and we haven't bought anything. kahit grocery hindi pa kami naka-punta. we're out of Q-tips and there's only one place where we know it's available: this obscure shop in glorietta whose name we don't even remember but we know exactly where it is (close to goldcrest, know what store we're talking about?). we haven't watched any movies for a very long time, kahit tapos na ang metro manila film festival. the last movie we watched had the word "bourne" in it. but we have been watching downloaded episodes of "project runway." we've seen seven eps so far and so far everyone seems so nice! where are the egotistical biatches?? but it's looking to be a good season with more unusual challenges and great guests—*SPOILER ALERT!*—monique lhuillier, sarah jessica parker, tiki barber and his taroosh asian wife—and eps involving weight loss, prom, and candy. fun! we've also tried a couple new restaurants, from the high-end, high-priced cav in bonifacio high street to the unpretentious, home-cooked angel's kitchen in connecticut street, greenhills (both highly recommended for menus, interiors, ambience, customers, and experiences from opposite ends of the spectrum). tsk tsk tsk there goes resolution number one...

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