Friday, February 15, 2008

another famous kate

no, this post is not about kate moss, kate winslet, kate hudson, kate holmes, kate beckinsale, kate bosworth, kate spade, not even kate from "lost" (did we miss any kates?). this is about our very own famous kate: kate torralba. we don't remember the first time we met this tiny girl with the big talent (aside from designing, the girl can write, sing, and play musical instruments). she made her name designing colorful tops with matching bags. they were an instant hit. she still makes them today but now she has an actual store in which to sell them! last feb 12 was the fun formal opening of her first retail outlet in greenbelt 5 attended by her loyal clients, fashion press, and KT fans—young and old, tall and short, full-figured and model-sexy.

kate sang for the audience... put on a show of her latest collection... oh, and of course welcomed guests into her shop designed by the almario sisters.

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Anonymous said...

very nice dresses!