Wednesday, February 13, 2008

FWQ: rhett eala

if you intend to watch rhett eala at tomorrow's fashion watch quartet, read this so you know what to expect. nothing alarming or earth-shattering, it's just that rhett opened the whole series, so he was the guinea pig, so to speak. the press release says show at 4pm, but you know nothing starts on time, especially for the first day. we arrived at 3:45pm—how early, 'no?? well, with traffic, the assurance of a good table, and the need to use the bathroom, we thought that was pretty good time. haaay, it was a full hour before any announcements were made that the show was about to start. in the meantime, you have a choice of classic tea and filipino tea. but the show started so late, they could've called it happy hour pica-pica, n'est-ce pas? still, makati shangri-la's lobby lounge had a pleasant atmosphere, with a lively mixture of hotel guests, society ladies, local media, fashion fans, and rhett supporters. on with the show! there is no runway or little platforms; the models walk right on the carpeted floor, right next to your table. and, as one designer put it, kita lahat ng chismiss! rhett eala's collection was divided into two: his current bread-and-butter, the ready-to-wear collection he regularly puts out for his present employer, collezione, that local knitwear brand that has been around forever and is probably older than you (but not us); and the rhett eala that we know and love (uy, love daw) since his due days. we don't have pix of the guys in the T-shirts, but rhett has really found a goldmine in something that has been right under our noses for hundreds of years: the philippine map. when he first used it as a T-shirt logo in his debut collection for collezione last year, the shirts sold like hotcakes! it's one of those why-didn't-anyone-think-of-this-before moments. it's pure genius. and don't you just love the shape of the philippine map?? dali na, rhett, pagsamantalahin mo na ang pilipinas! there were other knitwear pieces that he showed, and we loved them all—in our fantasies, that is. seems like only perfect bodies like valerie can wear this unforgiving fabric. (wow!) and it seems like rhett re-discovered pleating, which he exploited on the bodices of his cocktail dresses and gowns in yummy colors like fuchsia, green, and turquoise. and there were also some "basics" in black, dove gray, and white (nice enough for brides).


nannies crochet said...

most of the looks are not original & the styling for the show is rather distasteful too..

C said...

hmmm nothing too exciting. I wonder what kind of woman he designs for, it seems like the collection was all over the place. Also I have to agree with nannies comment about the show, you would think they would offer more. Either way I'm still excited to see the rest of the designers work.