Thursday, March 06, 2008

FWQ: cary santiago

we remember the first time we saw cary santiago's work. it was 2005 and we were in cebu for the opening of the timex factory in the city's industrial zone. the prez was there and we got a close look at her and noticed how yellow her teeth were. is she a smoker? she's in dire need of a teeth-whitening job. (well, then anyway. these days, she's too busy worrying about things other than her teeth.) but we digress. that evening at the shangri-la, there was a fashion show featuring models and celebs like piolo pascual wearing cebu designers and timex watches. and there was one gown that really stood out: it was a deep purple gown and if we remember correctly it had long sleeves—that in itself made it stand out in a sea of straplesses, spaghetti straps, and halter necks. but it was the way the sleeves hugged the arms, the way the whole gown wrapped around the body. it looked like a complicated construction with all these subtle detailing, little shirring, pintucking, and ruching, and rows of tiny covered buttons. in other words, madugo. it was almost like a piece of sculpture. we thought to ourselves, some fashion magazine better snap that up and put it on a cover. (a few months later, preview did.) later, he joined a young designers competition whose theme was terno, and he fashioned one covered entirely of feathers; only they weren't feathers. each "feather" was actually a piece of shaved wood treated to look like a feather. talk about madugo! who was cary santiago, we had never heard of him! as we all found out later, he's a designer from cebu who honed his craft in the middle east (and we know how crazy the women can get with their gowns over there). eventually, cary became the darling of the fashion press, but never quite overexposed. he went on to delight us with his laser-cut details, drapes, intricate peek-a-boos, layered strips.

photos to follow! bagal ng internet!

UPDATE: some photos from the all-jersey collection shown last thursday. you'll see what amazing things he did with the fabric, the way he twisted, draped, and manipulated it. and we gotta say, those clothes looked good coming and going, and we're pretty sure they look good too inside out. but, sad to say, most of the clothes will only look good on perfect, model-like bodies, so bodies like ours, which bulge at all the wrong places, should fuhgedaboudit:

grecian-goddess drapes (very rami kashou!):

peek-a-boo (and we mean peek a booby, a booty, other booboos, or peek-a-pek:
fishy scales that marion cotillard could've worn to the oscars:
gravity-defying designs:


Anonymous said...

I saw the Cary Santiago collection and it was fabulous!
The draping, the fabrics and the details were to die for!
I should drop by his shop here in Cebu one of these days.

Kristine said...

Cary did a show yesterday in Ayala. Breathtaking. Like him. ♥

C said...

best show to date. I think I may have found another fav designer in the Philippines. Although its so true that these clothes could only be worn by a very very VERY limited few... But who ever does end up wearing this will definitely be the center of attention. In the end I think thats who Cary is dressing for...

O said...

I just suddenly remembered.
That "scaly" gown was similar to what Gov. Gwen of Cebu wore when she danced during the Sinulog Festival last January.

Anonymous said...

I think it's so similar with Rami Kashou's style. There is a question in terms of originality of his works. I bet he can do better than to be tagged as the Philippine's version of Rami. And that, I think is the challenge on Cary, on how he will prove his authenticity as a good and not-so-forgettable designer.

kristian said...

before rami, there was cary santiago...and cary does it better..worlds better