Wednesday, March 05, 2008

the greenbelt 4 spring/summer (?) show

as is the tradition in greenbelt 4, at the beginning of the season, they hold a mini fashion show to present the current collections. (although they had to cancel 2007's fall/winter show as it was scheduled on the day trillanes decided to "check in" at the pen.) so tonight, we were looking forward to a real fashion show, kahit mini lang. instead we got an accessories show. the brands presented were mostly SSI—wait, it was all SSI, save for bulgari, pero pareho na rin 'yon, same owner—and mostly bags. the models wore either black shifts or black unitards (the better for you to see the bags, my dear), and for the jewelry portion, white jersey dresses (black might have been better. diamonds look better against black, and those dresses were nakakasilaw na puti). and so we saw the bags... not that much variety... and nothing that exciting...nothing really caught our eye... we were more intrigued by this lady across us. in fairness, ang ganda ng bag niya ha. real kaya? sa kanya kaya??anyway, back to the bags... can somebody please tell us, are all these bags REALLY from the spring/summer 2008 collections??well, let's just say that last december, after lunch at M cafĂ©, we walked through greenbelt 4 to get to our car. as we passed by gucci, we saw this dress in the window and we really really liked it so we whipped out our camera and took a shot.aba, as soon as we did, we were accosted by the plainclothes guard and told, bawal kumuha ng peekchure. talaga, bakit? basta bawal. ah, ganon, ok, anyway we can see this same dress naman on, in ads, and in editorials in all the international fashion magazines. and guess what, we got to see it up close tonight. so there. :-P but there was one really new, really exciting bag we spotted tonight. looky! it's the new weekender PM!they brought in only one piece for the show and if you want to buy it, sorry, but it was previously reserved already. sorry too to the three or so women in the event who wanted to purchase it right there and then. order now! only P118,000!


Anonymous said...

The lady with the Louis is probably a personal assistant of some sort for someone.

And showing a last season's for this season? Makes me think hmmm...

The Weekender PM is so-so. Wanna wait for the Richard Prince bags.

Marj said...

Hmmmm...your comment being intrigued with that lady questioning the ownership of that LV bag and asking if it is fake is very condescending to me.

You don't judge a person by his/her looks and by the color of his/her skin.

Our country has gone to the dogs because of our Castillian past.

We live in a different generation now unless you haven't checked who buys all these products at Greenbelt 4. Last time I checked, I did not see any mestizos/mestizas around.

Anonymous said...

^^ I agree with Marj. Why do you have to ask if it's real and if it's hers? What is your point? And to say in fairness ang ganda ng bag niya???

Who cares who owns these beautiful things??

Luxury is no longer what it used to be.

ched said...

I agree with Marj too.

After the Malu Fernandez faux pas, looks like nobody learned a lesson or two.

If you look at the wealthiest and most fashionable cities of the world (Paris, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, etc.), there is one common denominator. These cities celebrate the diversity of its dwellers (i.e. race, color of the skin, ethnicity, creed, sexual orientation, etc.).

Not only should the politicians change but each and everyone of us. I am appalled at how media pokes fun at the "Itas", "lahing Igorot", "dugong Muslim", "mukhang katulong", etc.

Remember, when you enter the ports of entries at airports such as Heathrow, LAX, Charles de Gaulle, SFO, or JFK, the immigration agents will look at Celine Lopez, Tessa PrietO Valdez, Aling Toyang, and Inday Garutay as one and the same - FILIPINAS.

Anonymous said...

To Marj and anonymous re the lady with the LV bag: Chill, guys. The fact that you're so defensive on her behalf means that you're actually judging the lady in question and are in fact being condescending by defending her. I think it was an innocent question and would provoke the same comment even if she looked different.

Anonymous said...

Oh puhleeeeezeee... you're making things worse by insulting our intelligence.

It is difficult to spin this. It is quite palpable.

Even the first commentor Alex said that it is probably a personal assistant. You see, he perceived the question at the same angle.

Anonymous said...

"I think it was an innocent question and would provoke the same comment even if she looked different."

The questions were far from innocent. The fashpack said "In fairness ang ganda ng bag niya". In fairness to what??

And to ask if a bag is real or if it's hers? You would only ask those questions if you doubt the person can afford the bag. And since the fashpack does not know the woman personally (and therefore does not know the woman's financial capabilities) it could only mean she was judging the woman's financial status based on her looks.

We are all a little prejudice. I have my own biases. But it's different when you publish them on the internet for all the world to read. You're supposed to work on correcting or taming your prejudice thoughts not promote them.

crisostomo ibarra said...

While I might agree that the comment "In fairness,," was a little uncalled for, I am more intrigued by your "We have gone to the dogs because of our Castillan past.."

Excuse me, but the Spanish colonial period was marked mostly by abuses from the Catholic Church not SPAIN!!

The enemy in Noli is Padre Damaso NOT the governor general. Las Filipinas WAS too FAR to be truly influenced by Spain itself. Read your history. Read it well. Start by picking up books by Fernando Zialcita.

Being antagostic towards our Hispanic past is just self loathing and pathetic. Victim mentality. Look who's being prejudiced and divisive now. Jeez...

Mariles G. said...

I am the owner of the bag. I asked my yaya to carry it because I have bad back and I was tired and had to sit down.
and yes Fashpack, it's real. Bought it at the Landmark in Hong Kong.
I can assure you my yaya and I are not offended.

the fash pack said...

thank you, mariles g., for coming forward and setting the record straight! any more comments, guys?

annie said...

ang sama ng ugali mo. matapobre ka!

and ang chaka ng blog mo ha. i won't visit again. i heard about your blog from carlos celdran.



Marco Tuason Matute said...

Not straight enough and I hope this makes it in print.

A Lenten reflection: Don't do unto others...

Imagine you were invited to the Prada autumn show in Milan. All the other attendees were European and American big shots. One of the fashion magazine took a picture of you and provided this caption: Who is she? What is she doing here?

Incidentally, you were the only Asian and Filipina at that.

How would you feel? Comment?

Anonymous said...

To mariles, if you're seated, why not just put it on your lap. Ever wondered if your yaya is tired standing up and carrying your stupid bag? Jeez. How old are you that you need a yaya. Does she wipe your ass after you poop?

How about you fashpack people, are your boobs real or fake (if you have any at all)? Are you really rich or just social climbers?

Whatever. I used to read your blog regularly. Not really for the fashion whatevers (Your choices are sometimes off). Usually for the sale updates. Now I think it's just plain stupid.

Yes, taking a "peekchure", as you would candidly say, in any Ayala mall of merchandise or areas in the hallways without prior consent is prohibited. And you may have seen the dress your really really like, but I doubt if you can even afford it (or you wouldn't be taking a peekchure of it for memorabilia)! Social climbers! Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Yes, just one more comment to add. Gawd, you matapobre police are so touchy! And so judgemental. You immediately assumed that fashpack questioned the validity of the bag based on the person's skin color. Being a fashion blogger, obviously, fashpack is basing this on the lady's outfit, accessories and trappings! Someone carrying an original LV would probably take more effort to dress better. Now if that same lady had jewelry, fancy clothes and shoes, and had her hair and makeup done, then there would be no question. It's all from the standpoint of fashion, NOT skin color! Sus!

Anonymous said...

hi fashpack, personally i don't think you need to apologize, i just wish you would take down the yaya's photo or change the photo caption. that is all.

after all it is really just a photo of a yaya carrying an LV bag, I'm sure it happens all the time. Until now I don't see the point of you asking those questions, saying "In fairness...". That is my only beef with this post.

Anonymous said...

That woman carrying the multicolor looks like an assistant or a nurse. She is wearing a uniform, but it doesn't mean that she might be carrying a fake bag.

I bet you can't even afford a fake,lol. Wannabe!!

Anonymous said...

yes, fashpack, i still have a comment for you... "pahiya ka no?" haha!

Anonymous said...

well, it was a condescending comment on your part, what was the point?

Anonymous said...

"Yes, just one more comment to add. Gawd, you matapobre police are so touchy! And so judgemental. You immediately assumed that fashpack questioned the validity of the bag based on the person's skin color. Being a fashion blogger, obviously, fashpack is basing this on the lady's outfit, accessories and trappings! Someone carrying an original LV would probably take more effort to dress better. Now if that same lady had jewelry, fancy clothes and shoes, and had her hair and makeup done, then there would be no question. It's all from the standpoint of fashion, NOT skin color! Sus!"

-- Are you seriously kidding me? So it's perfectly OK for someone to judge a person by his clothes/ accessories/"trappings"?

Not everyone who has issues with this post assumed that it was about skin color. please do not jump to conclusions.

That is why I have been asking all along-- why did the fashpack say "In fairness...". In fairness to what? In fairness to her looks? In fairness to her clothes? In fairness to what?

Who cares who owns these things? As long as it's NOT utang it doesn't matter.

Let's say I'm not rich with a japayuki cousin who gave me her old LV bag. Are you saying I shouldn't use my authentic bag unless I dress up, wear make-up on, put on trappings to look rich?

IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO OWNS THESE BAGS. If you're super rich, you have nice things, It's all good. You love the smell of new designer bags, you love the craftsmanship, you take pride in owning the real thing-- it's all fine.

If someone poor suddenly became the owner of a wonderful bag- good for her.

If you see someone who you don't think can afford an expensive bag, the thing is-- it shouldn't matter.

Again I don't see the need for an apology.

This is The Fashpack's blog so she can publish whatever she wants. Me, personally, I just wanted to point out that the whole LV bag comment was off. If she chooses to ignore me and the others who think that the post was condescending then really what can we all do?

Maricar Totengco said...

We live in a different generation now.

Whether it is Castillian past or Church past or Gobernadorcillo past, what the heck, the Jurassic era of the conios and conias or mestizos and mestizas ruling the Philippine social or social climber scenes are gone gone gone!

With the majority of Filipinos exposed to life abroad, everybody has awaken to the reality that discrimination (especially in public) based on sexual orientation, color of the skin, or creed is UNACCEPTABLE.

Coming from a Christian country, we should have known better.

Saatchi and Saatchi said...

We also have to blame the Philippine-based AD agencies here.

Just watch the Nescafe commercial starring Carlos Celdran. I wanted to throw up and push these mestizos and mestizas over the terrace.

Just watch the commercials to whiten skin with a byline saying "Para maging KUTIS MAYAMAN".

What hypocrisy!

InayKo.Poe said...

Fashpack, yang mukha mo, orig ba? Ooops, mukha ngang orig. They don't fake that kind. Hahaha!

In fairness, maganda ang bag mo :D

Anonymous said...

dear fashpack - don't mind them. you are not matapobre and you are not judgemental. you don't post silly photos of people who seem to you could not afford a real LV bag. you don't put really cheesy captions just to make you feel high and mighty - really classy comparing yourself to that lady in the picture. such humbleness. woohooo! you go girl!

Crazy said...

the only thing i can say is, thank god its holy week because people have nothing to do. thus, your plot to drive more readers to your blog is working.

sweetie, i found your comment really inappropriate. i don't like how Pinoys like you act as if you own the world or something. the chinese tycoons can buy your souls for crying out loud.

Anonymous said...

dont listen to the haters! it's your blog and you should cry if u want to

Anonymous said...

i could have told everyone here that it WAS a yaya(even before the owner's clarification) bec anyone who's got yayas would know that she's wearing scrubs (the new uniform for yayas nowadays)-dorothy (don't have google/blogger account)

Anonymous said...

I got to know your blog because of this incident. is still publicity.

Have a nice day:)

Anonymous said...

OMG. It's a BLOG for f***'s sake. A blogger can diss Bush or Mother Teresa or whomever she wants, can report how many times she farted today, can post paparazzi shots of naked people, and not have to APOLOGIZE to anyone.

It's a far cry from Malu Fernandez, whose opinion appeared in a public newspaper column.

Is one's personal space not sacred anymore?

Anonymous said...

I'm a foreigner living in Manila. I jumped into this blog because of Carlos Celdran's blog. I can't believe the way people are reacting over one itsy bitsy little line, Looking at it from a foreigner's perspective. I summarize: this whole blog is about fashion. This particular post/entry was about an event, in which you attended and shared with your readers. In that event, spotted something slightly. You shared it for your readers, nothing wrong with that. You actually complemented the lady for having a nice bag, and you asked a perfectly legit questions (because I know many local 'socialites' who can afford a real LV bags, but buy fakes, so there's nothing wrong with the question). I find nothing wrong with your comment. It's very unfair to place you in the same level as Malu Fernandez, who clearly made an entire article defaming the entire OFW population and another one insulting bloggers. It's not like you made an entire post about how wrong it is for yayas (and I love yayas!) to have LV bags, or even carry them.

There are a few people (take note: few) in this world who have nothing better to do than to make issue against fellow Filipinos. I suspect it's why the Philippines have a hard time succeeding. it's own people lose focus from the good and pull all your good deeds down in one fell swoop, all because of one comment.

Don't mind them and carry on. I'm glad I found your site because I find it very interesting and Manila needs more of your thoughts. I love the Philippines and I love your blog, Keep up the great work. The sensible people are behind you.


Mary (sorry, I don't have a blogger accont)

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with Mary. This whole issue has been blown out of proportion by people with nothing better to do than to gossip and create scandal. This is a blog, and it's one about fashion. I think asking whether it's real is perfectly legitimate, especially in Manila where so many people buy fakes. Those who feel offended, please chill out or just stop logging on to this site. This issue is already too stupid for words.

Mark Morales said...

A blog is a personal space? Last time I checked, a diary is. However, even the diary of Anne Frank is now public property.

For you Mary, tell me what nationality are you and I will tell you what parallels we have. I lived in several countries and maybe I can tell you some tidbits.

Only a Filipino will understand the intent of her statement which is to question the ownership and the authenticity of that bag because the woman does not represent the typical society girl in terms of looks as defined by the social climbers and the ad agencies of the Philippines.

She does not have to apologize but deep inside her I know that she is a little bit racist.

Schadenfreude indeed!

I encourage you to watch Avenue Q if you haven't done already. You will understand the mistake that you have made.

Anonymous said...

nice blog. keep up the great work. cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Fash Pack

I know i said that this is still publicity.

I would also like to commend you for posting even the negative ones. Such bravery.

But you see, this makes you a public personality and so you are now public property.

Everything you, and wear -- will be used against you.

So be aware. And you know -- you'll have to live up to it.

Always take care.