Wednesday, April 02, 2008

borgy is an international celebrity

today as we were searching through the louis vuitton website for a particular bag (not to buy, mind you, just for research), curiosity got the better of us and we clicked on the opening party of their renovated 5 canton road concept store in hong kong, which happened a couple weeks ago. and look who fell under the "international celebrities" link: but why is his name fernando marcos? his full name is fernando martin marcos manotoc. we guess that name was just too long to print, so the guy in charge of labeling picked the two most "celebrity-like" names out of the four in his full name. but where was ruffa? wasn't she one of the filipino celebrities flown in for the occasion? nagtatanong lang po.


Anonymous said...

Love the outfit

Arvee said...

International Celebrity? Ummmmm not till he can explain the hair.

wazza said...

maybe they unearthed all of ruffa's showbiz brouhaha kaya nahiya na sila to post her pic on their site. :-P