Tuesday, May 27, 2008

FWQ: oj hofer

whatever you do, look at the shoes! so last week, we commented about the lack of color in the fashion watch quartet series. today, the clear blue skies and azure waters of cebu wafted into gloomy, polluted manila by way of oj (pronounced oj, not oh-jay). juicy summer shades coming up!

and some puffy white clouds!
and this must be the bride!

Monday, May 26, 2008

would you rather have a bag?

dior launches its own cell phone! for US$5,000! that costs more than any of their bags! why so expensive? read all about it here.

(photo credit: intomobile.com)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

let's drink: craft beers

when we were kids, we used to sneak sips of san miguel from our dad's mug. we've been hooked on beer ever since. not just on pale pielsen, mind you, which was all that was available in the local market for decades. back in the 90s, we discovered microbrews, or craft beers, during a trip to portland, oregon, which is considered the microbrew capital of the world. brewpubs there are as common as, say starbucks in seattle. or your neighborhood sari-sari store. there used to be a couple of microbreweries in manila—the now-defunct industria and dusit hotel's paulaner bräuhaus (which is now fiesta san miguel, where you can still get your fill of fresh brews of san miguel beer. grappa's has a selection of their own brews too). but the bottled kind is now available in manila. last wednesday, the fash pack attended a beer-tasting at old swiss inn. for P750 we got to drink as much beer as we wanted from 6:30-8:30pm. there were four kinds of american craft beers to choose from: there were two from gordon biersch brewing company, and we started with the lightest one called pilsner. it's easy to drink and good as a happy-hour drink. next was märzen, which is richer, with more body—a nice accompaniment to german sausages. the other two were from ballast point brewing company. first up was the popular yellowtail pale ale. it's quite crisp and will go well with a meal. finally, we ended with calico amber ale. as the name implies, it has a lovely amber color, very flavorful, and better to drink on its own with just nuts, pretzels, or light pica-pica. we were hoping to get a taste of beers from rogue, which is from oregon. the beers are distributed by global beer exchange and are now served in several restaurants. aside from old swiss inn, a selection is available in myron's, myron's place, elbert's steak room, and basilio.

Friday, May 23, 2008

travelife: may/jun 2008

model/actress/host teresa herrera in koh samui, thailand. photographed by steve tirona. styling by liza ilarde. hair and makeup by xeng zulueta for shu uemura. dress by maldita, sungasses by calvin klein, bag from koh samui market.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

david vs david

american idol finale live right now. who will win?

david archuleta... or david cook... who are YOU rooting for?

UPDATE (10:12am): cookie is your new american idol!!! woo-hoo!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

celestina in vogue's last look

we had been waiting for our vogue subscription for june to arrive. not because we wanted to see this fugly cover: but because we've been waiting to see the last page called last look. reserved for only the most exquisite items, this month's last look features three celestina shell minaudières. last march, when rafé totengco came to town for the opening of his first freestanding store in manila in greenbelt 5, tina and ricco ocampo hosted a dinner for him at their home. the fash pack was there and that's when tina told us about the upcoming appearance of her bags in the june vogue. she even had a picture of the layout on her cell phone! but we promised not to tell until the issue was out. needless to say, it is a big honor and the best kind of exposure and practically an endorsement from anna wintour herself for the brand. congrats to celestina!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

FWQ: james reyes

fashion watch quartet is looking to be a black-and-white season. come to think of it, the past seven designers that have shown, including james reyes today, presented a mostly neutral palette. except for rhett eala, who had splashes of brights in his chiffon gowns, cocktail dresses, and knitwear collection for collezione. while the rest of the world is celebrating spring and summer with color and prints, over here the look is somber. must be the country's all-over mood. or the directive from the producer. must ask inno. today james had some crisp white shirts with a twist that might easily fit into the gap's designer-edition collection:
a few breezy trapeze dresses:
funky mini shifts (you have to see them "in person" to appreciate the little details in front, in the back, or on the sides):
loose pantaloons that bring back the 80s (ugh):
full skirts:
and this must be the bride:

Monday, May 19, 2008


we were walking through greenbelt 4 a few days ago and as we exited towards greenbelt 3, we noticed that the bally store was boarded up. we asked the guard what happened to the store. he said it was transfering to greenbelt 5. we asked what was going to replace it. he said he didn't know. hmmm... could this be the future site for the hermès store that we keep hearing is being brought in by... any guesses...?

Friday, May 16, 2008

let's eat: pepper lunch

this is not pepper lunch manila. this is pepper lunch singapore. each time we're in singapore, we try to eat in pepper lunch and each time, there's a long queue. and people seem to be willing to wait. but not us. since time is always limited, there are more important things to do than eat (like shop). so when chuvaness told us in confidence a year ago that she was bringing in pepper lunch, we couldn't wait. folks, the wait is over! the first pepper lunch in the philippines opens today at power plant mall! (it's located in the basement level, right across rustan's supermarket.) last saturday, chuvaness invited some bloggers for a food tasting—bryanboy, the bag hag, and the dafinator were there. the fash pack was supposed to go, but with the sudden heavy downpour, flash floods hit the route from our house to the mall. the mall would be closed by the time we got there. so she invited us for pepper dinner last tuesday. by today, this board (with the secret door :-) will be taken down: this is what you'll see. there's more space in the back when you turn right: you order from this counter. the menu has pictures and numbers, making it easy for you to decide what you want. if you have any questions (and we had many), the staff are quite knowledgable about their product. then your orders and the total price will pop up on that screen so you can check for accuracy: we ordered curry beef pepper with drink (P255), salmon pepper rice with drink (P315), seaweed shake! shake! salad (P99), and a dessert called kuromitsu, which is soft-serve ice cream (P30). total price: P699. prices are VAT inclusive (so no phantom-diner additions) and there is no service charge (so leave a little something for the staff :-). let's eat! your food comes sizzling in this shallow cast-iron bowl and it is hot! and it stays hot. the food is cooked just with pepper, and this is where the DIY part comes in. there's salt, pepper, garlic soy sauce, and brown honey sauce on the table and you're supposed to come up with your own saucy concoction, pour it on, and mix mix mix! hurry before the meat gets overcooked! they recommend that you put the meat on top of the vegetables or the rice to prevent overcooking. we decided to split our dish and put the garlic soy sauce on one half, the honey brown sauce on the other. we couldn't decide which was better! all ingredients, except the vegetables, are imported. the sauces, even those used for cooking, are sent over from japan, so they don't even know what's in it. the best way to eat this is as the japanese do: with just a spoon. we ran out of meat and were left with a lot of rice, but we just continued nibbling while making kwentuhan and before we knew it, our bowl was empty! it was just that tasty! congratulations cecile and jeroen, we think you have a winner here! our only comment? we think you're going to have to add another register...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

rustan's big sale begins today

relax, it's not that big. or that great. this is in the makati store, where the sale is being held on the fifth level. plus a few racks and shelves scattered throughout the store. there are lots of crappy shoes... and racks of crappy clothes... oh right, this is a sale, time to get ride of crap. we love a sale just as much as the next bargain hunter, but too bad we didn't find any crap we liked. we miss the old rustan's days when the sale racks and shelves had labels like christian lacroix, vivienne westwood, alexander mcqueen, ghost, chloé, gucci, christian louboutin... sigh...

UPDATE (may 16, fri): just got this text from rustan's: "hi all! special early summer season sale on designer shoes and bags at rustan's makati 2nd floor, near the dress salon. get as much as 60% off on selected items from brands such as dolce & gabbana, stuart weitzman, botkier, isabelle fiore, go go voyage, jeffrey campbell, oilily, betsey johnson, betta carrano, and loeffler randall. check out new arrivals from giuseppe zanotti, sigerson morrison, and manolo blahnik as well. sale starts today till may 21st." looks like we're going back!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

now open: la senza

when that bench billboard of dingdong dantes on guadalupe bridge was replaced by la senza lingerie models, we knew something was up. apparently this canadian brand of panties and bras, which is a sister company of victoria's secret, was brought in by suyen corporation, the same company that also brought in aldo, charles & keith, celio, the face shop, pedro, and yes the same company that owns half the mall, any mall (SSI owns the other), thanks to bench, human, kashieca, dimensione, PCX, and fix salon. first branch: bonifacio high street. formal opening was last night. this is what we saw inside, an explosion of color! orange bras! hot pink panties! lacy thongs! printed camis! and plush lush bathrobes, just like those in the best five-star hotels... prices? check out these promotions... we spotted celeb guests rufa mae quinto, chesca garcia, angelica panganiban, krista ranillo... posing with the principal, joel teitelbaum (no, that's not some random dirty old man tee-hee ;-)