Tuesday, May 20, 2008

FWQ: james reyes

fashion watch quartet is looking to be a black-and-white season. come to think of it, the past seven designers that have shown, including james reyes today, presented a mostly neutral palette. except for rhett eala, who had splashes of brights in his chiffon gowns, cocktail dresses, and knitwear collection for collezione. while the rest of the world is celebrating spring and summer with color and prints, over here the look is somber. must be the country's all-over mood. or the directive from the producer. must ask inno. today james had some crisp white shirts with a twist that might easily fit into the gap's designer-edition collection:
a few breezy trapeze dresses:
funky mini shifts (you have to see them "in person" to appreciate the little details in front, in the back, or on the sides):
loose pantaloons that bring back the 80s (ugh):
full skirts:
and this must be the bride:

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