Thursday, June 05, 2008

FWQ: avel bacudio

we missed the entire philippine fashion week last week. we had every intention of attending at least the closing show last tuesday, but dang, we forgot! the distance from makati didn't help either. they should've had a shuttle to take you there and take you back. during hong kong fashion week, they have a free shuttle that takes people from the convention center to major areas in the city and back. every 10 minutes or so. anyhoo, we have fashion watch to keep us fashionized week to week. this week: avel bacudio. we've seen this designer grow from the days he used to be identified as a young designer, a streetwear designer, a clubwear designer, a wannabe designer. his sensibilities have matured and have been refined. that happens with age, experience, a growing clientele, exposure by traveling, and listening to the objective critique of people you trust. there's nothing avant-garde or intellectual or "street" about his new collection. it's structured yet feminine, and appeals to a very specific clientele: the kind that needs a new outfit every week (maybe every day) and can afford to pay for it. take a look (and at the shoes too!)...

ladylike coats and jackets:
a variation of the strapless cocktail dress with pleating details and a smattering of sequins:
disco dolls:
and his version of the bride:


Anonymous said...

The gold tights are INSANE. (™Michael Kors)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha... Insane but beautiful indeed! Thanks Fashpack for the feature.xoxo..Avel Bacudio