Wednesday, June 11, 2008

my pilipinas

today was the opening of rhett eala's exhibit called "my pilipinas." my pilipinas is also the name of his T-shirt collection for collezione C2 that has the philippine map emblazoned in all sizes. the idea to use the map as a design element was like a lightbulb that just popped in his head one day. "you can't be too creative with T-shirts. when you add a design element, it has to be subtle. otherwise it won't sell," he told us. well, this one sold. and how! collezione owner joey qua says that people buy the map T-shirts by the dozens and often take them abroad as pasalubong. one foreign guest tonight was admiring the design on the shirt rhett was wearing (which of course had the philippine map on it), and was surprised to learn that it was a map! as a way to promote the line, rhett made 20 paintings using the philippine map as the theme. curated by artist impy pilapil, each painting, inspired by the likes of damien hirst, andy warhol, and david hockney, is priced at P80,000! we'll buy the T-shirt na lang at P300! some samples below.

the scary skulls:
the cute colors (or, as host carlos celdran called them, the murakami-esque collection):
and, oh yeah, the mixed-up maps:
"my pilipinas" will be on exhibit at the function room shared by cav and the spa at bonifacio high street till june 15

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