Saturday, June 21, 2008

patis and galicano

last thursday evening, we attended "postura," an exhibit featuring clothes by patis tesoro and paintings by romulo galicano. patis tesoro is best known for her filipiniana creations, and we've seen her fashion shows, but we're not sure if she's ever had an exhibit of her body of work. and we say it's about time! every fashion student should see this exhibit and examine and study the artistry that went into every piece—the embellishments, embroidery, beading, painting, all done by hand. it's practically couture! even if you don't wear or design filipiniana, you can certainly appreciate the work and creativity that went into these ensembles.

"baro't saya. skirt with black and chinese red polka dots and big printed floral overskirt with piƱa leniuan bastos suksok black stripe inlay weaving. ting ting cojuangco collection"

meanwhile, there were a lot of galicano portraits on the green and yellow walls. a lot of high-society folk sit for potraits with him and he charges by the millions. not just that, we heard he charges by the square inch. this was one our favorites, serene, subtle, classic (and we noticed did not have his signature vertical line):

"portrait of kitkat, oil on canvas, 2000. fernando and kit zobel collection"

there's also an exhibit of patis's ninay dolls. we've never liked dolls, but you have to admire the effort put into the realistic miniaturized ensembles and tableaux. and they're for sale! look at this puffball, she must sit all day and do nothing:
"harana—the rules of courtship followed a strict code of conduct. a suitor's visit was strictly supervised, and a chaperone was always present. being allowed to perform a serenade inside the house meant that the suitor was accepted by the girl's parents as a prospective groom"

"postura: romulo galicano/patis tesoro" will be on exhibit at the metropolitan museum of manila, roxas boulevard till august 30, 2008

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