Tuesday, June 24, 2008

you are my everest

last sunday we got this text from margarita fores: "live maine lobsters just arrived! in my pepato kitchen! have them just steamed al vapore or grilled alla griglia with truffle paste or drawn french butter, on taglierini or linguine with tagaytay tomatoes and olive oil, or with bottarga shavings risotto all, aragosta, or on a refreshing lobster all catalana with fennel onion rughetta tomato and beautiful tuscan olive oil or any way you prefer! it's only P3,495 a kilo cooked any way with no extra charge and we only have 10 beautiful ones! enjoy them with all our other specials. duck with fresh lychee. peach or cherry fish cooked in magic carta fata and wash them down with fresh peach bellinis! call jane at 0917-899-0155 or 757-2636 to reserve! grazie e auguri!"

enough! you had us at lobsters! so last night we trooped to pepato in greenbelt 2 (haven't been there in ages. sure has changed...). luckily, there were six lobsters left. well, now four because we ordered two. see that baby up there? that's 1.2 kilos. and we ate the whole damn thing all by ourselves! well, that's because the other guy with us is allergic to lobsters and couldn't share (which was OK because we didn't want to share, hehe...). so if you love lobsters, reserve now! they're going fast!

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Anonymous said...

wow.. the king of crustaceans....