Thursday, July 31, 2008

rafe vs rico

just got this in the mail yesterday: RAFE DESIGNS A SIGNATURE T-SHIRT FOR

NEW YORK – Rafē New York is proud to announce that designer Rafe Totengco has created a limited edition t-shirt for the opening of Harvey Nichols Jakarta.

Inspired by his recent trip to Indonesia, the unisex t-shirt features a stylized ikat scarf graphic and rafē chain. The black and white graphic will be silk screened onto a white, one-size-fits-all cotton tee.

The shirt will be available exclusively at the international fashion and lifestyle store’s Indonesian outpost beginning September 19, 2008. From September through December, customers can purchase the rafē t-shirt for Rp. 500.000 ($50) with a percentage of the proceeds benefiting the Green Peace Foundation. In addition, the shirt will be given as a gift with a minimum purchase at Harvey Nichols Jakarta.

The Harvey Nichols Jakarta location will also carry a selection of the rafē New York Fall 2008 collection of shoes and handbags. rafē accessories are also sold at Harvey Nichols Hong Kong and Harvey Nichols Riyadh.

doesn't rafe's T-shirt remind you of the line of T-shirts rico blanco designed for human, which was launched in june 2007? we have that camera tee in black and in white. wonder how that collection did? does human still have a rico blanco collection? this much we know: human is launching a new image model today at 6pm at trinoma activity center. guess who? it's none other than billy crawford. good choice, mr. chan!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

project runway philippines

we have been asked to help promote "project runway philippines" by announcing its pilot episode tonight on ETC at 10pm. and if you miss that (which we have a feeling we will), you can catch the replay at these days and times: thu, 9am and 3pm; sat, 12mn and 8pm; sun, 2:30pm; and mon, 9am. the local edition stars teresa herrera as heidi klum, rajo laurel as michael kors, apples aberin-sadhwani as nina garcia, and jojie lloren as tim gunn. o, perfect casting, 'diba? let the biatching begin! so are there any "project runway philippines" premiere parties tonight? if there are, please invite us!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

scam a load

last sunday, we read this thumbs-down item in the inquirer and wondered who the victim was of this scam:

‘Pasa load’?! How chic

At cocktails last Tuesday, overheard was a tragic-comic tale. A publishing executive was saying how shocked he/she was to learn that their very stylish glossy magazine editor in chief was a victim of scam text messages asking for “pasa load.”

The hoax goes this way: The text message is sent to the social network of the editor, asking if they could give “pasa load” to the editor.
Turned out, the names of editors of other glossies have been used as well in the scam text.

Thank god, the executive said, nobody fell for it. (If this were New York, could you imagine Anna Wintour asking for pasa load?)

then this morning, we found out who the victims were: the editor whose name was used and the person texted to pasa load. naku ha better read this and be warned! (and remember, if you get a text from us asking you to pasa load, hindi kami yon!)

JUL 28, '08 12:54 PM

July 27 / Sunday / 1PM

Someone sent a text message saying
"Hi is this Everywhereweshoot?"

I replied
"Yes, who's this please? :-) "

then he replied
"This is AA Patawaran of Sense&Style Mag... :-)"

(Naka work na namin sila last issue pero we don't know AA's number so yun..

Btw, AA is the Editor-in-chief of Sense&Style)

EWS: Hi AA, i'll save your number!
AA: Can we meet up today?
EWS: Sorry, we can't it's a sunday. Maybe tom 3pm?
AA: Ok that will be ok..
EWS: This is regarding a shoot? Wer free tom 2pm onwards. :-)
AA: Yes regarding the shoot. Ok tomorw 2pm then. Where?
EWS: Can we meet at Bonifacio Highstreet around 3?
AA: Ok it's a date then.. See yah.

The next day.. Monday 12NN

EWS: Hi just text me where to meet in Highstreet. :-)
AA: Ok. u chose nalang.. <--- CHOSE? hehe parang mali.
EWS: Sige, see you in Seattles Best around 3.
AA: Ok. See you then. Where u by d way?
EWS: Wer in Makati doing erands see you around 3pm <-- ang labo lang, tinatanong niya nasan ako NOW?
AA: See you then. :-)

2:59PM Same day

AA: Where u now?
EWS: (honestly parang ayaw ko sagutin, i dunno why.. pero sabi ko nalang..) Wer coming from Dasma will be there in 15mins.
AA: On my way to. <--- TO? baka too?


EWS: Hi we're here na in Seattles. Where are you na?
AA: On my way.. wait for a while :-)
EWS: Ok no rush nag iikot lang kami..


AA: Ok.. hey can i ask a very small favor? :-)
EWS: Yeah, whats that?

AA: Can i let you buy a globe prepaid card? I'll pay you double when i get there.. i can't park nearby 2 buy one.. please?
EWS: (So hindi ko siya binigyan kasi parang ang weird naman.. so sabi ko nalang) Sorry, walang store dito eh.. Sa S&R pa pero it's too far.
AA: Please? Emergency lang...


di na siya nag reply samin...
so insiip namin baka wala ngang load... at busy siya today..

so nag text kami..
called him 5x! dino-drop niya yung call.

sobrang tagal na.. sabi ko kay Garovs, lets go. I can't wait for Him.. baka gabi na wala pa yun.


EWS: Hi AA, we need to go, we still have another meeting.

He didn't reply. As in WALA.


Masama na yung feeling namin.. so we decided to call our friend from S&S Mag..
Sabi ko, baka she can send me number of AA, just to confirm..

AND FUCKER! hindi nga sya! Iba ung putanginang number!
So nag panic kami ni garovs hahaha!

Syempre hindi na namin inisip yung bwisit na LOAD nayun.. baka puwede kami i-meet nun somewhere like parking tapos hold-up! Malay mo diba. Fucker!

So anyway, sabi nung friend ko nasa PROVINCE sila shooting! What the hell! WITH AA! So it's a FAKE!!!

Then nakita yesterday ng Mum ng friend ko na nasa newspaper pala yung SCAM nayun! WTF!

"(Thumbs down)‘Pasa load’?! How chic" (mga last row sa baba..)

They get names from Magazine then for example ung Editor, hahanapin lahat ng contacts from Facebook, names from magazine then text nila then kukuha lang sila ng LOAD! Madami nadaw sila victims! Mga photographer, stylist, etc!

WTF LOAD! ang mahal ng gas at parking! Sana sinnendan ko nalang sya nung sunday pa! FUCK YOU MUTHERFUCKER!

yun lang, so BEWARE! I don't think AA Patawaran would ask for a LOAD! SUS! so yun. lesson learned!

Ingat nalang! So pag may tumawag sainyo Ryan or Garovs, ask for a password HAHA! bwisit!


+63 917 476 7201
malamang iba na number, pero malay niyo.

other vicitm

Ryan + Garovs

read the whole thing here.

Monday, July 28, 2008

mamma mia!

we're probably the last ones to do so but we finally saw "mamma mia!" power plant mall brought it back (due to insistent public demand?) for a limited run. now we're going to be really unpopular for saying this, but what's all the fuss about? people have been raving about this movie left and right, from our 73-year-old dad to our 13-year-old niece and all our bading friends in between. it was nice, it was fun, and we got a good laugh out of pierce brosnan's quote-unquote singing, but we're certainly not going to shell out another hundred seventy bucks to see it again. we'd rather listen to the original abba songs (and we love abba). but we must go back to power plant to check out this new store: we breezed in and out quickly because our movie was about to start. here's what we learned: stella luna opened about a month ago. it's a shanghai-based brand. and they have super cute shoes for less than P5,000!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

US vogue august 2008

US vogue has never been known for having edgy covers. in fact, their covers are usually very... safe. they're not super-high fashion, high concept, avant-garde, or experimental. the model (or, as is almost always the case, celebrity) is styled in wearable clothes and actually looks sweet. nothing wrong with that. it's a commercial look and is most likely what sells. the edgy, high-concept stuff can be found inside. but what is this? kate moss looking very mumsy?? what is this, your royal highness magazine or something?? and in the annual age issue too, they managed to make kate moss look much much MUCH older than her 34 years. vogue has really been losing their street cred lately, what with their recent bombs: giselle bundchën with that basketball player, gwyneth paltrow with that ironman head, sarah jessica parker with that weird expression, and other forgettable covers. even the new issue of wired looks more like a fashion magazine than this vogue does.
rumors are that keira knightley will be on the september issue (her again?? although her africa editorial last year was lovely...). hopefully it will be much much MUCH better than the august issue...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

bench blackout

every two years, the bench underwear show is always the most highly anticipated "fashion" show of the year. and because it comes only every two years and because it is highly anticipated, you expect A LOT. and you can't help but compare it with past shows. and last night's show in comparison to some past shows was... a bit of a letdown. first of all, the title—"blackout." great title, but... what did it have to do with the show? maybe we missed something because an hour and 10 minutes into the show... we left. it was about 9:30pm and we were hungry na eh. didn't have dinner because it took an hour to get to araneta coliseum from makati, which is expected on a rainy friday night. the entertainment value of the show came to a point where we thought, if we leave now, will we miss anything? nah. let's go. taco bell is waiting.

ps: most applauded celebrity: dingdong dantes. but applauses and screams this year were quite few and far between. why kaya?

Friday, July 25, 2008

R.I.P. gilbert perez

two very creative and well-respected gilbert perezes passed away within a week of each other. news items below from may their souls rest in peace.

Film, TV director Gilbert Perez passes away

MANILA, Philippines—Film and television director Gilbert “Manong” Perez passed away Wednesday night, ABS-CBN announced Thursday. He was 48.

Perez, director of such films as “Dreamboy” and “Jologs,” suffered a heart attack earlier this month while megging his current project, the drama series “A Time For Us,” featuring Jericho Rosales and Malaysian actress Carmen Soo.

He also directed some episodes of the drama anthology “Maalaala Mo Kaya” and was executive producer of the defunct game show “Ready, Get Set, Go”

Perez succumbed at 10:41 PM Wednesday at the St. Luke’s Medical Center, ABS-CBN said.

"We will miss a very caring and loyal friend," said Charo Santos-Concio, ABS-CBN president. "Manong is a passionate and creative person. He is a perfectionist and expects people working with him to match his drive for passion, creativity and perfection," she adds.

"Manong and I both started fom Ateneo de Manila and met up again with him in BBC-2 when I was doing my OJT," said Cory Vidanes, ABS-CBN SVP and TV Production Head. "He was my mentor, taught me a lot and really took care of me when I was just starting in the business," Vidanes added.

Perez's remains lie in state at the Felicidad Room of Arlington Memorial Chapel in Quezon City.

Gilbert Perez, lifestyle columnist-artist; 76

Lifestyle columnist, artist and fashion designer Gilbert Perez died on Tuesday at the Ospital ng Makati where he was confined for more than two weeks. He was 76.

A UP Fine Arts graduate, he was a professor at Feati University for 25 years.

He sketched the gown of Rita Moreno, who starred in the Broadway musical hit “West Side Story.” In his early 20s, he designed for “Rosevale” and became a favorite designer of Imelda Cojuangco, Imelda Marcos and fashion icon Chona Kasten. He was also favorite fashion show director of the country’s elite models.

He was the art director of the midweek magazine of the Manila Chronicle under Eggie Apostol. After martial law, his long-time friend Julie Yap Daza got him to be the art director of Time’s Journal’s People Magazine. After the EDSA Revolt in 1986, Julie and Gilbert were together again at Oh! magazine of Ambassador Antonio L. Cabangon Chua’s Brown Madonna Publishing and later segued to Philippines Graphic where he wrote a lifestyle column “Manila At Large” for 18 years until his death.

Gilbert is survived by his two brothers Walter and Chito and his adopted son Errol who had been taking care of him until his death.

His body lies at the Loyola Memorial Chapel in Guadalupe, Makati City. Interment will be at the Manila Memorial Park, Parañaque after Mass at 9 a.m. on Sunday.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

the fash packs: boracay

we just spent three days and two nights in boracay and it was a trip of firsts for us. we decided to make a list:

1. first time to fly seair's 18-seater plane. we were surprised to be getting into a plane so small. since this is considered off-season, we suppose they don't transport a lot of people to boracay. and with the price of fuel these days, it's a wise move. unfortunately, since a small plane can't fly as fast, this one took an hour and 15 minutes to get us to caticlan.

2. first time to stay at the fairways & bluewater resort golf & country club. it's odd, but when you stay here, you don't feel like you're in boracay because it's away from white beach where all the action happens. that can be a good thing too because then it won't feel like you're still in manila, know what we mean? here's the lovely view from our room:

3. first time to pay golf! (and mini golf doesn't count ;-) fairways & bluewater is the only resort in boracay with a golf course, so there was a golf game for non-golfers (like us, duh). all we wanted to do was whack some balls—man, did that feel gooooood! someone was taking a video, which we got to watch after, and boy is our form baaaaaad!

4. first time to drive an ATV. they're fun! a group of us drove down gravel roads, through five-foot-high weeds, by the beach, and up a hill for a sweeping view of the island. beautiful!

5. first time to go night swimming. our schedule was jampacked that by the time we got to white beach for a swim, the sun was down and it was dark-ish. it was low tide by then and you could walk out a half mile and the water would only reach your chest. and the water was nice and warm...

6. first time to witness a full moon in boracay! it was bee-yoo-tee-foool! it was so big, so bright, so round, and had a golden tinge around it. too bad we didn't get a picture (well, we were in the water at the time)...

7. we wish we could say we did this too for the first time: next time...

Monday, July 14, 2008

adora in wwd

we just got home and did what we always do when we get home: sit in front of the computer. why do we torture ourselves this way, why?? we spend the entire day at the office sitting in front of one, pag-uwi, computer na naman. so we check our facebook (yes, we have succumbed...), go lurking in other people's blogs, and it's funny how we had just read bryanboy's rant-cum-rave of adora, when we checked our e-mail and got this from

Something for Everyone at Adora

Monday, July 14, 2008

By Sharon Edelson

Adora has a dual personality.

The 25,000-square-foot store opening in Manila in the fall has all the trappings of a luxury retailer — limestone floors, velvet draperies and modernist furniture designed by Bill Sofield — but the product assortment is a mix of high and low.

then we get this:

To continue reading this article you
must be a WWD.COM subscriber.
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ngek. can anyone send us the rest of this article please??

UPDATE, 1:13am, tue, jul 15 (thank you, bambina writes, for sending the complete article!):

Published: Monday, July 14, 2008

Something for Everyone at Adora

By Sharon Edelson

Adora has a dual personality.

The 25,000-square-foot store opening in Manila in the fall has all the trappings of a luxury retailer — limestone floors, velvet draperies and modernist furniture designed by Bill Sofield — but the product assortment is a mix of high and low.

Eman Pineda, Adora's founder, witnessed Filipinos' enthusiasm for cross-shopping at his three stores for Tyler, the fast-fashion label he started in 2001.

"They aren't interested in wearing one designer from head to toe," he said. "We see a modern consumer who spends on high-end fashion and fast fashion. The typical customer tries on a pair of Marni pants, shops for a Tyler blouse and Chloé handbag. The mix is what we're after."

Adora's fashion roster features Jil Sander, Etro, Narciso Rodriguez, Marni and Missoni, as well as Tyler, which is priced from $50 to $120. The shoe and handbag department follows the same high-low philosophy with brands such as Manolo Blahnik, Marni, Missoni, Dolce & Gabbana, Pedro Garcia and the more affordable Bella Luna from China.

Adora's target customers, 25- to 50-year-old career-oriented men and women, "have access to many brands," Pineda said. "They travel to Hong Kong and Singapore. With that in mind, we narrowed the brand lineup."

Adora, which had a soft opening this month, strives to differentiate its presentation and assortments. In the denim department, jeans are arranged by fit and style rather than brand. James, Superfine and Paige are among the staples. The travel department features a little-known luggage brand from Germany called Rimowa that Pineda claims makes the lightest and most indestructable suitcases in the world. Adora's flower shop sells lush arrangements decorated with unusual materials such as tree bark.

The watch and diamond department features an Italian watchmaker discovered by Pineda, Meccaniche Veloci, whose watches have four distinct faces for tracking time in four time zones, each with its own Swiss mechanical movement. The Quattro Valvole model is $5,500.

H. Stern opened its first Asian outpost in Adora, offering signature pieces and Diane von Furstenberg's H. Stern collection.

Adora's artisan department is another point of difference. Minaudières and clutches made of snakeskin and mother-of-pearl are examples of the locally made products. "It sets us apart from other department stores in the world," Pineda said. "I'm surprised Lane Bryant [in Hong Kong] doesn't have a department for local wares. The products don't need to look ethnic and Filipino, but they have to look beautiful and stylish."

Pineda's idea of a seamless shopping experience is presenting customers with a single bill for all their purchases throughout the store while they're having a bite in the cafe or relaxing at the bar. The packages are then carried by employees to customers' cars.

Inspiration for Adora came not from other stores, but from "service companies such as the Four Seasons George V in Paris for its consistency of service, Aman Resorts and Singapore Airlines," Pineda said.

Winkreative, an advertising and marketing agency with offices in Zurich and London, was involved in coming up with the store's name, brand identity and packaging.

"Eman wanted something that implies a bespoke expertise, evokes a fashion feel and has international appeal," said Nicoletta Saunier, who headed the project for Winkreative.

For Adora's packaging, Saunier chose a combination of pistachio and black, which she called "elegant and modern." Winkreative even developed an in-house mantra for the Adora team: "Everyday wonders."

"It's an inspiration to remind everyone to never get tired of looking for new products and brands," she said.

A robust economy lifted property values in the Philippines and boosted consumer confidence. Luxury residential prices rose 15 percent in 2007, on top of an 11 percent increase in 2005 and 10 percent in 2006, according to Colliers International.

"There's a significant amount of people with strong purchasing power in the Philippines," Pineda said.

Pineda has a strong retail pedigree. His great grandparents, Gliceria and Bienvenido Tantoco Sr., founded Rustan's department store in 1952. Today, the empire includes supermarkets, boutiques and department stores with in-store shops for Cartier, Mikimoto, Tiffany, Nina Ricci, Sonia Rykiel and Estée Lauder.

"I was fortunate to be born into a retail family," he said. "I grew up in an environment of retail. It just so happens that I love it. I could never join the family business or a big group because the ideas in my mind are quite different from what everyone is doing. For a small project [like Adora] to go through a whole bureaucracy wouldn't have been good."

Adora is owned by Republic Retailers, which also owns Tyler. There are two minority stakeholders, one from Madrid, and the other from China.

Pineda is considering expanding his retail horizons beyond the Philippines.

"I believe Tyler will eventually land in another city," he said. "It will be accepted internationally. Its styling is quite unique and international. In the near future, it will definitely go somewhere in the region." As for Adora, he said, "Early on, I was asked if I envision this as a single-door retailer or one that is pan-regional. I am not closed to the fact that it could be pan-regional. Not in Hong Kong or Japan, but somewhere else in the region."

Saturday, July 12, 2008

travelife: jul/aug 2008

aspiring bollywood actress urvashi sharma in mumbai, india. photographed by piers watson. styling by christine o. cunanan. blouse by etro, pants by maxmara, bag by fendi, necklace by bulgari.

Monday, July 07, 2008

is mercury still in retrograde??

what's going on?? last week, our internet connection eastern was going going gone... and several frustrating phone calls to their service center proved fruitless... "kasi po your plan only allows this much bandwith blahblahbah..." ah ganon?? eh the past four years since we've had it ang bilis?? is the answer to that in your script?? sometimes you just have to skip the riffraff and talk to someone in charge to get things done. sure enough there was a clog somewhere in the pipes. thank god, that's been settled. now we can continue downloading season one of "pushing daisies" (20 minutes an episode!)... then our wireless mouse started getting sticky, like it had a mind of its own (just some dust that a little rubbing alcohol can fix)... and our vogue subscription for july hasn't arrived (according to emerald headway na-delay ang shipping... uh-huh, how come bufini and national and fully booked have had it since last week?)... then over the weekend, we decided we wanted to change the color of our blog (we want to be green hehe... the color of money :-) and in the process lost all our settings. we lost our ads, we lost our links, we lost our site meter. tanga! hindi nagbabasa! jeez, must they make it so complicated?? this is why sometimes we prefer paper... cut cut cut paste paste paste rip rip rip tape tape tape...

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Saturday, July 05, 2008

cute and cool

cute and cool furniture we wish we could own, that is. these chairs are not for sale. they are seating in restaurants and stores, and used for window displays. and in other people's homes.

ottomans at cav

union jack armchair at ben sherman, shangri-la plaza

window display at the ramp, glorietta 3

window display at kamiseta, trinoma

window display at kamiseta, shangri-la plaza

celine's pink loveseat

reception at nawa chamber, chiang mai, thailand

the library at lanson place, hong kong

some freestanding café in causeway bay, hong kong

chairs at elbert's steak room

anton's zebra-print armchair

christmas display at rustan's makati (well, technically, everything here is for sale; you can buy everything and re-create the whole display at home)

a poor, rundown chair outside a store somewhere in iloilo

seating inside kate torralba, greenbelt 5

chairs not to sit on but made into display shelves (genius!) at crumpler, robinsons midtown

Friday, July 04, 2008


jeez, it's four days into july already and we haven't written a thing. last week, we watched the samsung metrowear show featuring the collections of the FDCP (fashion & design council of the philippines). but that was over a week ago, so the news is already quite stale. anyway, we were seated next to bryanboy and chuvaness, so we'll leave it up to them to report (hey, thanks, guys, for saving us a seat!). besides, they were each using a fancy-schmancy canon G9, so our pictures from our ancient canon ixus will look like shit next to their shots. to wit:

chuvaness's pic (arcy gayatin):
our pic:

chuvaness's pic (joey samson):
our pic:

chuvaness's pic (ivarluski aseron):
our pic:

time to get a sponsor for a new camera! canon? sony? lumix? nikon? kodak? fuji? samsung??

UPDATE: ooooppss... boy, have we got egg on our face. the nice pix above were taken from chuvaness's blog, but were not shot by chuvaness (see chuvaness's comment). they were provided by metrowear's publicist, visions & expressions. but we've seen chuvaness's actual pictures taken with the canon G9 and we have to agree with everyone who recommended it, it really is a good camera. laki lang eh.