Sunday, July 20, 2008

the fash packs: boracay

we just spent three days and two nights in boracay and it was a trip of firsts for us. we decided to make a list:

1. first time to fly seair's 18-seater plane. we were surprised to be getting into a plane so small. since this is considered off-season, we suppose they don't transport a lot of people to boracay. and with the price of fuel these days, it's a wise move. unfortunately, since a small plane can't fly as fast, this one took an hour and 15 minutes to get us to caticlan.

2. first time to stay at the fairways & bluewater resort golf & country club. it's odd, but when you stay here, you don't feel like you're in boracay because it's away from white beach where all the action happens. that can be a good thing too because then it won't feel like you're still in manila, know what we mean? here's the lovely view from our room:

3. first time to pay golf! (and mini golf doesn't count ;-) fairways & bluewater is the only resort in boracay with a golf course, so there was a golf game for non-golfers (like us, duh). all we wanted to do was whack some balls—man, did that feel gooooood! someone was taking a video, which we got to watch after, and boy is our form baaaaaad!

4. first time to drive an ATV. they're fun! a group of us drove down gravel roads, through five-foot-high weeds, by the beach, and up a hill for a sweeping view of the island. beautiful!

5. first time to go night swimming. our schedule was jampacked that by the time we got to white beach for a swim, the sun was down and it was dark-ish. it was low tide by then and you could walk out a half mile and the water would only reach your chest. and the water was nice and warm...

6. first time to witness a full moon in boracay! it was bee-yoo-tee-foool! it was so big, so bright, so round, and had a golden tinge around it. too bad we didn't get a picture (well, we were in the water at the time)...

7. we wish we could say we did this too for the first time: next time...

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