Wednesday, July 30, 2008

project runway philippines

we have been asked to help promote "project runway philippines" by announcing its pilot episode tonight on ETC at 10pm. and if you miss that (which we have a feeling we will), you can catch the replay at these days and times: thu, 9am and 3pm; sat, 12mn and 8pm; sun, 2:30pm; and mon, 9am. the local edition stars teresa herrera as heidi klum, rajo laurel as michael kors, apples aberin-sadhwani as nina garcia, and jojie lloren as tim gunn. o, perfect casting, 'diba? let the biatching begin! so are there any "project runway philippines" premiere parties tonight? if there are, please invite us!

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archeraxdg said...

It aired yesterday in ETC, it was great, from the perspective of editting the entire episode. The clothes were also great, especially Veejay's, he made texture look so chic! Love it! - Ram :)