Thursday, July 31, 2008

rafe vs rico

just got this in the mail yesterday: RAFE DESIGNS A SIGNATURE T-SHIRT FOR

NEW YORK – Rafē New York is proud to announce that designer Rafe Totengco has created a limited edition t-shirt for the opening of Harvey Nichols Jakarta.

Inspired by his recent trip to Indonesia, the unisex t-shirt features a stylized ikat scarf graphic and rafē chain. The black and white graphic will be silk screened onto a white, one-size-fits-all cotton tee.

The shirt will be available exclusively at the international fashion and lifestyle store’s Indonesian outpost beginning September 19, 2008. From September through December, customers can purchase the rafē t-shirt for Rp. 500.000 ($50) with a percentage of the proceeds benefiting the Green Peace Foundation. In addition, the shirt will be given as a gift with a minimum purchase at Harvey Nichols Jakarta.

The Harvey Nichols Jakarta location will also carry a selection of the rafē New York Fall 2008 collection of shoes and handbags. rafē accessories are also sold at Harvey Nichols Hong Kong and Harvey Nichols Riyadh.

doesn't rafe's T-shirt remind you of the line of T-shirts rico blanco designed for human, which was launched in june 2007? we have that camera tee in black and in white. wonder how that collection did? does human still have a rico blanco collection? this much we know: human is launching a new image model today at 6pm at trinoma activity center. guess who? it's none other than billy crawford. good choice, mr. chan!


Anonymous said...

it's a trompe l'oeil shirt. Nothing wildly original about any of them although a nice twist from Rafe with the ikat scarf.

Ca said...

actually, the camera shirt has been in the bangkok stalls long before rico came out with his line for Human