Friday, July 04, 2008


jeez, it's four days into july already and we haven't written a thing. last week, we watched the samsung metrowear show featuring the collections of the FDCP (fashion & design council of the philippines). but that was over a week ago, so the news is already quite stale. anyway, we were seated next to bryanboy and chuvaness, so we'll leave it up to them to report (hey, thanks, guys, for saving us a seat!). besides, they were each using a fancy-schmancy canon G9, so our pictures from our ancient canon ixus will look like shit next to their shots. to wit:

chuvaness's pic (arcy gayatin):
our pic:

chuvaness's pic (joey samson):
our pic:

chuvaness's pic (ivarluski aseron):
our pic:

time to get a sponsor for a new camera! canon? sony? lumix? nikon? kodak? fuji? samsung??

UPDATE: ooooppss... boy, have we got egg on our face. the nice pix above were taken from chuvaness's blog, but were not shot by chuvaness (see chuvaness's comment). they were provided by metrowear's publicist, visions & expressions. but we've seen chuvaness's actual pictures taken with the canon G9 and we have to agree with everyone who recommended it, it really is a good camera. laki lang eh.


Anonymous said...

Go for the G9. It's fantastic.

Anonymous said...

soliciting a cam? ka-cheapan! dudette, where's your integrity?

the fash pack said...

cheap kung cheap, pero magkano ba yang G9 na yan?

nagali, nice to have you back!

Anonymous said...

the photos were provided by Susan Joven's office. But do get a G9.

I got mine in Kuala Lumpur for around Php 25k. I think it' much cheaper now. Bryan got his for 22k

the fash pack said...

sige, pa-sponsor kami... sa magulang namin!

Anonymous said...

How fancy is the G9? Will it fit in thefashpack's purse kaya?

For purse-size, I can't recommend the Fuji Finepix f31d… The super high ISO will make any low-light photo opportunity turn out fantastic.

Also, while watching in Duran in concert at Araneta last March, my katabis in Araneta recognized the kind of camera I was using IN THE DARK. My camera is famous pala…

Anonymous said...

if i didn't have my leica dlux3, i'd get a g9. i think it's the next best thing to a dslr without the dslr bulk.

my leica has a cute leather case though... (that's why i bought it). LOL


Anonymous said...

Sorry, that should be: "I can't recommend the Fuji Finepix f31d ENIOUGH."

And hee… I've known some people who selected something because it looks cuter. Why not?! I wouldn't blame them at all!

lawrencevon said...

get a sony t2. it has taken numerous of crisp images ive been using for my fotoblog.

and i bet itll fit in and look perfect with your purse.


the fash pack said...

thanks for the tip, lawrencevon. we heard that's what KC uses :-)