Tuesday, July 29, 2008

scam a load

last sunday, we read this thumbs-down item in the inquirer and wondered who the victim was of this scam:

‘Pasa load’?! How chic

At cocktails last Tuesday, overheard was a tragic-comic tale. A publishing executive was saying how shocked he/she was to learn that their very stylish glossy magazine editor in chief was a victim of scam text messages asking for “pasa load.”

The hoax goes this way: The text message is sent to the social network of the editor, asking if they could give “pasa load” to the editor.
Turned out, the names of editors of other glossies have been used as well in the scam text.

Thank god, the executive said, nobody fell for it. (If this were New York, could you imagine Anna Wintour asking for pasa load?)

then this morning, we found out who the victims were: the editor whose name was used and the person texted to pasa load. naku ha better read this and be warned! (and remember, if you get a text from us asking you to pasa load, hindi kami yon!)

JUL 28, '08 12:54 PM

July 27 / Sunday / 1PM

Someone sent a text message saying
"Hi is this Everywhereweshoot?"

I replied
"Yes, who's this please? :-) "

then he replied
"This is AA Patawaran of Sense&Style Mag... :-)"

(Naka work na namin sila last issue pero we don't know AA's number so yun..

Btw, AA is the Editor-in-chief of Sense&Style)

EWS: Hi AA, i'll save your number!
AA: Can we meet up today?
EWS: Sorry, we can't it's a sunday. Maybe tom 3pm?
AA: Ok that will be ok..
EWS: This is regarding a shoot? Wer free tom 2pm onwards. :-)
AA: Yes regarding the shoot. Ok tomorw 2pm then. Where?
EWS: Can we meet at Bonifacio Highstreet around 3?
AA: Ok it's a date then.. See yah.

The next day.. Monday 12NN

EWS: Hi just text me where to meet in Highstreet. :-)
AA: Ok. u chose nalang.. <--- CHOSE? hehe parang mali.
EWS: Sige, see you in Seattles Best around 3.
AA: Ok. See you then. Where u by d way?
EWS: Wer in Makati doing erands see you around 3pm <-- ang labo lang, tinatanong niya nasan ako NOW?
AA: See you then. :-)

2:59PM Same day

AA: Where u now?
EWS: (honestly parang ayaw ko sagutin, i dunno why.. pero sabi ko nalang..) Wer coming from Dasma will be there in 15mins.
AA: On my way to. <--- TO? baka too?


EWS: Hi we're here na in Seattles. Where are you na?
AA: On my way.. wait for a while :-)
EWS: Ok no rush nag iikot lang kami..


AA: Ok.. hey can i ask a very small favor? :-)
EWS: Yeah, whats that?

AA: Can i let you buy a globe prepaid card? I'll pay you double when i get there.. i can't park nearby 2 buy one.. please?
EWS: (So hindi ko siya binigyan kasi parang ang weird naman.. so sabi ko nalang) Sorry, walang store dito eh.. Sa S&R pa pero it's too far.
AA: Please? Emergency lang...


di na siya nag reply samin...
so insiip namin baka wala ngang load... at busy siya today..

so nag text kami..
called him 5x! dino-drop niya yung call.

sobrang tagal na.. sabi ko kay Garovs, lets go. I can't wait for Him.. baka gabi na wala pa yun.


EWS: Hi AA, we need to go, we still have another meeting.

He didn't reply. As in WALA.


Masama na yung feeling namin.. so we decided to call our friend from S&S Mag..
Sabi ko, baka she can send me number of AA, just to confirm..

AND FUCKER! hindi nga sya! Iba ung putanginang number!
So nag panic kami ni garovs hahaha!

Syempre hindi na namin inisip yung bwisit na LOAD nayun.. baka puwede kami i-meet nun somewhere like parking tapos hold-up! Malay mo diba. Fucker!

So anyway, sabi nung friend ko nasa PROVINCE sila shooting! What the hell! WITH AA! So it's a FAKE!!!

Then nakita yesterday ng Mum ng friend ko na nasa newspaper pala yung SCAM nayun! WTF!


"(Thumbs down)‘Pasa load’?! How chic" (mga last row sa baba..)

They get names from Magazine then for example ung Editor, hahanapin lahat ng contacts from Facebook, names from magazine then text nila then kukuha lang sila ng LOAD! Madami nadaw sila victims! Mga photographer, stylist, etc!

WTF LOAD! ang mahal ng gas at parking! Sana sinnendan ko nalang sya nung sunday pa! FUCK YOU MUTHERFUCKER!

yun lang, so BEWARE! I don't think AA Patawaran would ask for a LOAD! SUS! so yun. lesson learned!

Ingat nalang! So pag may tumawag sainyo Ryan or Garovs, ask for a password HAHA! bwisit!


+63 917 476 7201
malamang iba na number, pero malay niyo.

other vicitm

Ryan + Garovs

read the whole thing here.


Anonymous said...

hi fashpack. My friends and I received the same message. Thankfully we've been forwarned.

A similar incident can happen in YM. A friend's friend fell for it and sent Php6000 worth of load thinking it was really her friend - her friend's ym account was hacked.

The fraudster makes really good background check of his victims which allows him to do smooth talk.

I hope this gets around the web so that more people will be aware.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dumadami na talaga ang mga manloloko dito sa Pilipinas. I get my weekly quota of text messages from jologs scammers asking me to send them load. I did one of them the honor of posting his scam message, complete with number, on my blog Har har.

the fash pack said...

thanks for all your warnings, let's hear more! our other editor-friends' names have been "used" by the same cell-phone number!

Ryan said...

Thanks for posting! F**K the scammers!