Sunday, August 31, 2008

the fash packs: singapore

we arrived from singapore friday night. back in manila. back to reality. back to work. tomorrow. right now, we're vegging. watching the "heroes" marathon on star world. to be continued...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the fash packs...

our PAL miles are no longer valid for upgrade or for a mabuhay lounge invitation :-( so here we are outside the lounge. at least it's quiet and there's wi-fi... by noon today we'll be somewhere not so far away...

Monday, August 25, 2008

nippon vogue

it was the last week of july when we asked a kind relative who was in tokyo to please buy us the august issue of nippon vogue. well, she looked everywhere and couldn't find it. why? because the september issue was already out! whaaaaat?? ang aga naman! so she bought that instead and the other day, we finally got it. look at the cute way it's tied up: that's how it's displayed on the newsstands because they have three supplements inserted. three! the cute litle one on the far left is like a catalog of all the must-have shoes and bags of the season, categorized according to color. the one that looks like US vogue is a "sex and the city" special, so it's all about the girls and the fashion and behind-the-scenes. could it be the movie is only opening in japan next month? the black-and-white cover is an isetan supplement, but could pass as an actual issue of nippon vogue. ganda lahat! sad lang we can't read any of them...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

let's drink: minute maid pulpy orange

there's a new drink in town and this one is going to go up against pepsi's tropicana twister: coca-cola's minute maid pulpy orange. now some people don't like pulp in their orange juice; personally, we love 'em. the pulpier, the better. and this drink really lives up to its name. its pulpiness didn't disappoint. we must say it's almost as good as fresh-squeezed orange juice! and it's not super-duper sweet, like it's loaded with sugar, which we don't like. the launch was held last thursday at the rotonda behind pacific plaza tower and one mckinley place. they set up a cool giant tent which looked like half an orange.

after the presentation, we were all given baskets, straw hats, and orange aprons. we walked across the street to this faux orange grove, and made "pitas" all the bottles of pulpy orange that would fit into our basket!

there was a stage where richard poon performed ("... you are the orange of my eye..."), lots of food, and general merrymaking. ang saya-saya!

Friday, August 22, 2008

FWQ: ito curata

alex beat us reporting on ito curata's show. he saw it tuesday; we saw it yesterday. but we've got the money shot! here's GMA with ito, who went from designing red-carpet gowns for statuesque sharon stone in hollywood to making teeny tiny business suits for our president. talk about going beyond the call of duty! so let's pick out some things that might look good on her, shall we?

lovely short coats that will look sweet with a matching shift dress underneath, or as an evening coverup:
pantsuits (sans glitter) for official trips:
gowns that MIGHT fit her (on a smaller scale):
OK, that's it. the rest are larger than life, very dramatic, show stoppers, made for tall thin women, and great for fashion editorials:

Thursday, August 21, 2008

yes, the filipino is worth dying for!

in honor of ninoy aquino's 25th death anniversary, pay tribute to the man and keep his spirit alive by buying an "i am ninoy" T-shirt. this one is by team manila, as modeled by our crush diether ocampo (spotted at tonight's minute maid pulpy orange launch): "i am ninoy" T-shirts and other products bearing ninoy's signature eyeglass frames available at bench, penshoppe, team manila, and analog soul. for more details about this project go to

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

olympic-edition pashmy

To celebrate the Olympic Games in China, Tod’s launches a special edition of the “it” bag of its Spring-Summer 2008 Collection, the Pashmy.

In technical fabric and with small zippered pockets, it is practical yet chic. Red, with small golden stars hand-sewn on the front, the Pashmy Limited Edition is a tribute to China and, at the same time, the translation of the contemporary luxury according to Tod’s.

It will be sold in only two selected Tod’s boutiques in China, in Beijing and Shanghai, starting from August 8th, 2008 (opening day of the Olympic Games) in a very limited edition and will become for sure a must have for collectors around the world.

With the creation of the Pashmy for the Olympics, Tod’s has confirmed once again the importance given to China country and to Chinese people, who will surely appreciate this initiative.

Available only at Tod’s Boutiques in:
Beijing - G/F Shop 111, Intime Lotte Department Store, No.88 Wangfujing Avenue Dongcheng District
Shanghai - Plaza 66, Unit 123, 1266 Nanjing Xi Road

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

we need a spa day...

today was one of those days when we could've used some spa time. let's just say it didn't end very well. our neck and shoulders were so tightly wound, we wanted to yell at the lift to go a little faster. (to think our office is only on the fifth floor.) we started dreaming of the spa time we spent at dewarana (pronounced te-wa-run) spa at dusit thani hotel a couple weeks ago. it was nice... entrance pa lang, you're transported na to a calm, quiet, serene place where you don't have to talk to anyone except the receptionist and the therapist. this is the waiting area where they serve you ginger tea, slip your feet into slippers, and ask you to sign a form with all your personal/medical information: we like the clean, modern interiors warmed up with touches of wood and thai-style decor. the best part: the treatment. we got a combination body scrub and massage, which took nearly two hours. today would've been a good time to cap our crap day with a visit to a spa...

dewarana spa, dusit thani manila, for bookings call 867-3333

Monday, August 18, 2008

rajo red! press con

today was a holiday (ninoy aquino day), which meant no work—but rajo laurel made us work! (but it was worth it, we'll tell you why later...) today was the press con for "rajo red!," his fashion show charity gala to celebrate 15 years in the business and for the benefit of the philippine national red cross (makati chapter). for as long as we've known rajo (which was, well, 15 years ago), he's always been the same good-natured, happy-go-lucky person who always brightens up a room. even if he's on the, er chubby side, he was always so energetic and would often burst into song (still does!). today, he is one of the most successful and most recognized designers in the country, and one of the big reasons for that success and recognition is how he balances his creativity with business savvy (and it doesn't hurt that he has good PR). so we're really looking forward to this show. there's going to be a lot of hype. seventy pieces, which will most likely be whittled down to 50. no theme, no concept, just rajo unleashing his creativity, no holds barred. there's gonna be a lot of drama here! here's a sneak peek into the collection: surprise back view: since this is a benefit, tickets are being sold for P10,000 each. there will be a cocktail, dinner, and show, plus a giveaway from his RIIR line (bags and accessories recycled from scrap fabrics, made by the women of payatas), which you won't receive on the night itself—it will be mailed to your home via air21, one of the sponsors. isn't that clever? a sample of the bag was given with our press kit, each one with a tag attached that has the name of the woman who made it (thank you, aba adora!). and the best part: raffle! and we won! looky! thank you, rajo, and congratulations!

"rajo red!" will be on september 9, 2008 at makati shangri-la. for more information, call house of laurel, tel 895-5688, 897-5063, 896-9884, 899-9946

Sunday, August 17, 2008

elle hell

we know we've been doing a bit of vogue-cover bashing lately. but when we saw the september 2008 cover of W featuring kate hudson, we thought it looked vaguely familiar. well, bryanboy pointed out how much it looks like the september 1994 issue of bazaar featuring nadja auermann. nineteen ninety-four!? the makeup is beautiful in both, but do you see how they even copied the COLOR of the outfit?? and speaking of copying, what about the september 2008 cover of US elle? they didn't just copy the outfit from their own past issue, they used the exact same girl! jessica simpson from september 2004!

(photo credit: W/bazaar from, elle sep 08 from, elle sep 04 from

Saturday, August 16, 2008

now open: balenciaga

it was last january when we first spotted the tarp labeled balenciaga that covered a corner shop in greenbelt 5. seven months later, balenciaga finally opened two weekends ago. it's exciting to see more luxury brands opening here, and not just any brand, mind you. balenciaga is only like one of the hottest, most in demand, most directional, and most influential labels today. this store will carry accessories only (and jewelry too soon, we hear), while the ready-to-wear will be still be carried by homme et femme in shangri-la plaza (same owner, jappy gonzalez). so after the tod's event last thursday, we took a hop, skip, and a jump (kasi may puddles on the way ;-) to the other side. the entrance is on the outside facing the koi pond. we're liking the honeycomb design of the display wall. don't be deceived by the tiny size, there's a little room to the side to provide VVVIP customers a little privacy. there you'll find the register (so people won't see you flash your cash), the sunglass display, and seating to try on shoes. and speaking of shoes, there wasn't much, just six pairs. but we were told that more deliveries will be arriving in two weeks. when we left, jappy was sweet enough to give us a call and thank us for dropping by and taking pictures. no, jappy, thank YOU! most stores freak out when you as much as pull out a camera to shoot, say, a blouse on display because you want to check if it goes with anything in your closet. but that's another post. meanwhile, we're looking forward to what's opening next door: lusso, margarita fores's champagne and wine bar. happiness :-)

Friday, August 15, 2008

tod's f/w collection

yesterday afternoon, there was a special viewing for tod's fall/winter 2008 collection at their one and only branch at greenbelt 4. there were a couple of principals from hong kong, hannah and flora, who showed us each piece and explained its merits. meanwhile two models—isabel and mia—walked around the room, in head-to-toe tod's ensembles, which sadly are not sold here (too bad, that quilted jacket sure looks cozy). here's the dok bag, as seen on gwyneth paltrow in the ad campaign: and the cute baby version: how about the elegant diamond lock clutch in lizard, croco, snakeskin, or satin, or a combination of all: the pashmy is perfect for travel, especially in rainy weather, because you won't worry so much if it gets wet. it's made of nylon but it sure feels like silk! hannah even suggested that you can use it as a pillow for those long-haul flights :-) and how about some shoes? we love these flat snakeskin loafers, a variation on their classic and much-copied pebble-sole driving shoes: and if you still have those booties from two seasons ago, hold on them because it's still a hot look.

tod's fall/winter 2008 collection will be in the store by september