Saturday, August 09, 2008

belo ball

the hangover is over. slight. what do you expect, they were serving moët all night and champagne is only like our favorite drink. last night we attended the venetian ball to celebrate vicki belo's 18th year in the business, held at makati shangri-la's rizal ballroom. with its OA invite and attire requested (formal/medieval), we expected a fancy-schmancy affair and it was! but we were surprised that they didn't have a guest list at the reception; you merely had to sign in. and no table assignment! free seating! after you were "announced" by a barker, it was on to the foyer, which was already packed when we got there by 7:30pm (which meant it was warm—is there air-conditioning there??), to pick out your mask from the wall. here's maurice picking out his mask: and here's the queen bee wearing hers! here's alex, who found someone taller than him: people really came dressed up! check out some of the fab gowns and medieval attire (click to enlarge):

entertainment was provided by billy crawford, lani misalucha, regine velasquez, and of course, the current talk of the town, miss dita von teese! she performed twice: first in the birdcage, right after soup was served, then in the martini glass (or is it a champagne saucer?) as the finale. before she came out, there was an announcement that taking photos and videos were strictly prohibited. really? but we were naughty and managed to shoot about 48 seconds of the beginning of her performance before a big burly bouncer stopped us. a bunch of them were going around stopping people. ay strict! before dita's second performance, vicki even implored the audience to please cooperate kasi daw magagalit ang manager ni dita, baka hindi na palabasin, baka tumaas pa ang bayad (allegedly 8 million pesos). and she said it all in tagalog para daw hindi siya maintindihan, isn't that funny? so should we post this video or what??

UPDATE: we did.


Mrs. C said...

eeeekkkkk I LOVE DVT!!!

god how lucky are you to see her perform in her martini glass? loves it!

gads that vicki belo comment is funny, sana talaga hindi siya naintindihan haha =P

Anonymous said...

it was a champagne glass, according to them

bobbi brownie said...

post the video pleeeeeeeezzze! ! !

the fash pack said...

chuvaness: if it was a champagne glass, then why was there a giant olive? (which was actually a sponge that she squeezed and liquid from it oozed out and dripped all over her body.) parang mali yata sila...

bobbi brownie: go na lang to perez hilton. apparently, he "stole" the shots from chuvaness (w/o crediting her!). think they'll ask HIM to take those photos down??