Tuesday, August 12, 2008

FWQ: dennis lustico

we've always known dennis lustico to create feminine, girly—but not necessarily frou-frou—dresses. so this collection was a bit of a surprise, a bit of a departure from his beginnings and his evolution as a designer. he first gained recognition some five or six years ago when he became the favorite designer of then it gals celine lopez and wendy puyat. they were the perfect image models for him, party-hopping in their cute mini dresses, being photographed and chronicled in society columns and glossy mags, always dressed in dennis lustico. you couldn't have asked for a better billboard. well, those days are over. sigh. today's collection, as we were watching, made us go, er, whose show is this again? could this be dennis's experimental phase? some elements were derivative of other designers, nothing new and innovative here. his color palette of ivory, black, canary yellow was punctuated with peplum waists, cascading ruffles, or origami folds against a structured silhouette. got that? for this collection, perhaps dennis wanted to appeal to a wider range of customers, especially for the upcoming holiday and wedding season. so let's just divide this into two groups, based on those customers' needs:



OK, one more: PANTS

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Anonymous said...

just attended a friend's wedding where the wedding entourage's clothes were made by dennis lustico. it didn't look like a "designer" made the gowns. designers in Carolina's would have done a better job. it was supposed to be a 6os theme but didn't see any representation of the 60s... oh i think the sewing had the more 60's theme since they were poorly executed as well. Poor bride, her gown was badly constructed as well. Maybe he should just stick to party dressing and not bridal.