Friday, August 22, 2008

FWQ: ito curata

alex beat us reporting on ito curata's show. he saw it tuesday; we saw it yesterday. but we've got the money shot! here's GMA with ito, who went from designing red-carpet gowns for statuesque sharon stone in hollywood to making teeny tiny business suits for our president. talk about going beyond the call of duty! so let's pick out some things that might look good on her, shall we?

lovely short coats that will look sweet with a matching shift dress underneath, or as an evening coverup:
pantsuits (sans glitter) for official trips:
gowns that MIGHT fit her (on a smaller scale):
OK, that's it. the rest are larger than life, very dramatic, show stoppers, made for tall thin women, and great for fashion editorials:


Anonymous said...

you should be her image consultant. you'd make her look better.

i don't know about that heavy neckpiece worn with dangling earrings and eyelet everywhere.


the fash pack said...

thank you, daphne, you're sweet, but maybe YOU should be her image consultant... ay tama ba yon..?

Anonymous said...


If you could help me get in touch with Ito I used to model for him back in San Francsico. We lost touch and I would so appreciate any assistance with being able to write to him.
Thank you.
Lezlee Parker