Sunday, August 24, 2008

let's drink: minute maid pulpy orange

there's a new drink in town and this one is going to go up against pepsi's tropicana twister: coca-cola's minute maid pulpy orange. now some people don't like pulp in their orange juice; personally, we love 'em. the pulpier, the better. and this drink really lives up to its name. its pulpiness didn't disappoint. we must say it's almost as good as fresh-squeezed orange juice! and it's not super-duper sweet, like it's loaded with sugar, which we don't like. the launch was held last thursday at the rotonda behind pacific plaza tower and one mckinley place. they set up a cool giant tent which looked like half an orange.

after the presentation, we were all given baskets, straw hats, and orange aprons. we walked across the street to this faux orange grove, and made "pitas" all the bottles of pulpy orange that would fit into our basket!

there was a stage where richard poon performed ("... you are the orange of my eye..."), lots of food, and general merrymaking. ang saya-saya!

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